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50+ Eye-Catching Concept Mobile Phones

21 July 2009 11 Comments

We see a lot of conceptual designs every year ranging from mobile phones, laptops, earpieces or any other gadget. These concepts reveal, what a designer can do with his creativity.

Here is a list of 50+ concept phones which we thought were amazing. Unfortunately, we may hardly see any of them going into production anytime soon. You may like to grab our feeds or follow us on twitter.


1. Asus Aura Phone Concept
This is Aura concept phone designed by Egy Studio for Asus. Some people said the phone is inspire by the Apple iPhone, may be. Apple iPhone is really attractive and i like it but actually those technology used by iPhone are not new. For example, the so called Accelerometer sensor, you can find similar feature in Sharp’s 911SH.

The Asus Aura concept does more then iPhone. It supports 3G, EDGE, HSDPA and WiFi. It has a 3.9-inch touchscreen, a 2Megapixel camera, Bluetooth 2.0, a microSD slot, miniUSB. THere is also a sliding QWERTY keyboard. The Aura is as thin as 6mm.


2. Bamboo Green Concept Phone
The Bamboo phone is the newest innovation in biodegradable products. One the battery, antenna, and print board are taken off, the remains can then be placed in compos and they will begin to disintegrate in only a few weeks! That is not all… there are actually bamboo seeds within the case that, once release by the disintegrating case, will start to grow and feed on the case. The Bamboo phone literally becomes bamboo in a few months.

The Bamboo phone is made out of two materials: the bio-plastic made of materials such as corn, and the bamboo, an endlessly renewable resource. As bamboo is harvested, there is no need to replant. Each time a shoot of bamboo is cut, a new shoot grows in its place.

3. Basic Tab cell phone Concept
The Basic Tab mobile phone design manages to achieve a new interpretation of the whole “iPhone thing”, copied over and over again by big handset manufacturers. Its designer, Jaren Goh focused more on looks, than on futuristic specs and he did a splendid job, so we might as well call this a fashion device.

4. BenQ Snake Phone Concept
The BenQ Siemens concept phone, known as “Snake”, at least unofficially. Notice the presence of media playback buttons, the usual answer/reject call keys and even a tiny display, perhaps for showing the time and missed calls.

The shape of the device is very interesting, although the handset seems rather fragile and from what I can see, its speakers are on the inside section. What do you say? Viable or dreamy?

5. BenQ Black Box Concept
It is one of the BenQ Siemens™ concept phone, the Black Box, uses a touch screen as its keypad. The touch screen changes the control layout immediately which depends on the functions you are using. What an interesting concept phone it is!

6. Bracelet Phone With Built-In MP3 Player
Designed by Tao Ma, the B-Mobile concept phone features keypad on its metal body, one part of the node that can be separated to answer incoming phone call, a built in memory, and an earphone jack to let you use the phone as a music player.

7. BYB Balance Cell Phone By Bence Bogar
BYB Balance cellphone concept is made for specific kind of people who doesn’t mind spending more-than-needed amount of money for the latest thing in tech. It has two touchscreens and a unique slider mechanism that protects them when closed. Other specs include a 5.1 MP camera, 2x optical zoom, HSDPA support, WLAN, Bluetooth, and a GPS. Plus, there’s 512 MB of internal memory, further expandable with microSD cards.

Except for the 2x optical zoom for which I don’t see much space on the image above, everything else seems reasonable. And yes, this slider mechanism would cost fortune to make.


8. Camcorder Phone Concept
Yoshie Takagi, an employee at Japanese electronics giant NEC, displays the prototype model of a multimedia mobile phone, equipped with a high-spec video camcorder and editing device to transmit video images to a Web site or blog through the Internet, during the Wireless Japan exhibition in Tokyo.

9. Concept Pen Phone
Here is the cool Pen Phone concept. The phone is integrated nicely with a pen. It has a monochrome LCD screen to display all the necessary information. Users will have to connect the phone via Bluetooth headset.

10. CUin5 Concept Phone
Phone that give you six ways of experience. How about a handset in which every face carries a keypad, microphone, and speaker? Imagine grabbing it quickly – from inside your bag, from off a shelf, from under a car seat – and freely interacting with it without needing to turn it over or align it right side up? This was the line of thinking that over several years led me finally to conceive of CUin5. Whichever surface you touch first becomes active and aglow, while the others lock in place. Talk from a wide surface. Talk from the edge. See beyond its limitations and read the poetry between the lines.


11. Dark Label Retroxis Phone
As far as mobile phones are concerned, there are certain inevitable desires such as dimensions, weight and style. Retroxis reflects a retro approach towards design with clean aesthetics, optimum controls and functions. It is encased in high polished polycarbonate renowned for its lightweght and toughness and the invisible OLED display silently hides away when inactive to make your phone look clean and stylish.

12. DuoPhone Concept
This Duophone handset concept designed by Daewoo Kim has a perfect relationship, sorta like Bobby and Whitney before the opiate abuse. Its also more then meets the eye, at first glance it appears to be a regular concept we’ve see on NWS before, but no it really compliments itself, you put them together and boom, their LCD size has doubled, if the other’s battery power is low you hook em up and guess what? I charges up its significant other’s battery. It even looks like their Ying and Yang in perfect harmony when they’re in the cradle, its a beautiful thing.


13. Edge Concept Cell Phone
Great innovation from Chris Owens for fashion design oriented people. Edge concept phone is dedicated its style to fashionitas, look at how the glass keyboard sliding out when you want to answer an incoming call, when this black beauty in stand by mode, you won’t see any keyboard, just a sleek? pocket phone. Stylist and futuristic.

14. Egg Concept Phone
The Egg Phone has a neat touch to it, that makes it look like a futuristic device. Its features are pretty realistic, for a manufacturer that would take up the project: Bluetooth, USB, WiFi, a 3.2 megapixel camera and 4 GB internal memory.

Roman Tubl is the designer of the phone, that is surrounded by a red luminous strip. In case you’re wondering where the shine of the device comes from, I guess it must be the flexi true colour display, a touchscreen with tactile feedback.


15. FuChat Cordless Phone
The FuChat cordless phone concept will cater to both landlines and Internet calls, and is smart enough to help the user increase their emotional self-awareness thanks to sensors that detect changes in one’s voice tone as well as the body temperature.

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  • Dzinepress said:

    amazing stuff here.

  • Easy to use cellphone said:

    Some of these phones are too cool for words but I imagine they are a far way off. The Egg concept phone especially as well as the bracelet seem viable within ten years but as of now they’re closer to a fevered dream

  • Free Gadget said:

    Love this, great blog, thanks.

  • andrew williams said:

    im very interested in your beautiful phones when can i buy them

  • seo dubai said:

    Amazing to see what some minds can come up with. Number 11 looks neat.

  • mohit behl said:

    The Asus Aura concept ph can u tell from from where i get this ph i need this for sure wht is the price plzz tellme thnks

  • K850i said:

    Are any of these great phones coming to the UK, most of the time we can only lust after them as they are limited to Asia.

    Well live in hope.

  • Ivan Tsankov said:

    Wanna have #11 in my pocket, cool phone!
    Also was amazed by the density of the pen phone, can we expect something more smaller? Cause I saw a phone (or at least part of it) implemented in a watch! Can’t wait to see this pen on the market. I would be happy to carry it with me, will look cooler and bloody hi-tech 😉

  • pramod kamboj said:

    Reaily amazing

  • windowspasswordreset said:

    Are you sure that number two isn’t a joke? A bamboo phone that grows 🙂 Ah, if the future could be so good.

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