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[26 Sep 2012 | No Comment | ]
Top 10 Beautiful Courtyard Designs

You can make your house more attractive and striking with some of the most beautiful courtyard designs. The courtyard in a house can be viewed as a fun nook which gives the atmosphere of the outdoors with out hampering your privacy. When we talk about the courtyard designs, the sky really is the limit. While designing a courtyard, you have enough freedom because the only need you have to fulfill is to maintain complete serenity and room for relaxation.  It usually roots in the backyard between two buildings or you …

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[25 Sep 2012 | No Comment | ]
Pyrotechnics in the Sky: Beautiful Lightning Pictures

Lightning is one of the most spectacular but deadly natural phenomenon. It is one of the most beautiful and captivating displays of nature. Lightning is in fact a wonder of the universe. We all know that lightning is created from electrically charged atoms. If you aren’t aware, you need not have to bother about the scientific part of it. All you need is a heart to enjoy and a mind to appreciate the mystified and breathtaking sight. Today, we have gathered some of the dazzling examples of lightning.

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[24 Sep 2012 | No Comment | ]
Making Faces at You: Clowns in Action

Clowns entertain audience with hilarious jokes and funny gestures. They are the kids’ favorites too. With their painted face, funny dressing and dance steps, they evoke laughter at first glance itself.

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[20 Sep 2012 | No Comment | ]
Envy m4 or the Pavilion: Which One is Your HP Windows 8 Pick?

With an slew of devices around, it can be a difficult task choosing which laptop to buy. After much research, if your mind settles on one manufacturer, it could be HP today. Then next question will be which one is the best suitable HP laptop is for you.

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[14 Sep 2012 | No Comment | ]
Apple iPhone Cases that Pack a Charm

Apple iPhone cases come in various designs. While some look very trendy and hip, many others are truly business-like. Whenever a new iPhone is launched, case makers too get their act going so as to design the best alluring cases that would attract buyers. Here we have an awesome collection that would for sure make you confused as to which one to spend your money on.

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[13 Sep 2012 | No Comment | ]
People Movers That Head for India

India got its first MPV only when the Maruti brought in the Omni in the mid-1980s. The success of the Innova in the past few years has been closely watched by the competitors and has inspired many to try their luck in Indian market. If you have a joint family or big circle of friends, buying an MPV is worth a try. Here is a list of the latest fuel-efficient MPVs you could find in India soon.

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[11 Sep 2012 | No Comment | ]
Remembering 9/11: 12 Shocking Attack Photos

No one can forget the painful events of the terror attack on the world trade center in New Yorkon September 11, 2001.  Nearly 3,000 people were killed on that worst day of America.  It was actually an attack on the very prosperity and development of the world. Today is the 11th anniversary of the terror attack. Let us revisit the memories of the attack that gripped America. 

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[10 Sep 2012 | No Comment | ]

This summer Google+ reached the first anniversary milestone of its summer 2012 launch.  The anniversary fell during the annual Google I/O conference, which more than 6,000 developers typically attend. Google is known for introducing big, new projects at the I/O conference, as past introductions have included Chrome and Android.
At the 2012 conference, Google celebrated the first anniversary of its social network by announcing two new additions to Google+.  The first announcement centered around making Google+ more mobile, while the second put yet another feature in the hands of Google+ users.
In …

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[10 Sep 2012 | No Comment | ]
Top 10 Most Dangerous Foods in the World

Hitherto, all foods were hygienic and healthy. But today, foods are sprinkled with preservatives and artificial colors to attract people. For business strategies, many foods are infested with hormones, toxic herbicides and insecticides. We are forced to eat the food we see in the grocery stores even if we know that it is harmful for our health. Some are latently more dangerous than others. Other dangerous foods we have to avoid are genetically modified ones. Unknowingly, we are plugging our guts with toxic and contaminated foods.