Nine Things You Should Never Do on Facebook

We all love to share pictures, write on walls, invite people and upload pictures on our favorite social networking site Facebook. But what will you do when you find difficulty in logging in to your account one fine morning because the networking site has suspended your account for violating their terms and conditions. You are lost, right? You are not alone in this. Read the article below; you will find that you are not the only one who had your account suspended. If you strictly follow the terms of services of the company, you can be on the safe side.

Nudity on Facebook

If you show nudity on Facebook, your account can be suspended. The company clearly says that exhibiting nudity is against the company’s terms and conditions. The breastfeeding controversy star Emma Kwasnica’s account has suspended not only once but for five times as she often posts pictures of herself feeding.

Fake Mark Zuckerberg

Obviously, there is only one Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook. In 2011, a lawyer from Indiana was expelled from Facebook for identity fraud. His name appears to be similar to the original Facebook giant Mark Zuckerberg.

Share Name with a Celebrity

Selena Gomez was recently expelled from Facebook. It was not the Disney superstar, but an ordinary girl who share the name with the celebrity. She was banned from Facebook because Facebook accused her of impersonating the actress, which is against the company’s policy.

Create an account under your famous fictitious name   

Salman Rushdie, who penned famous books likeMidnight’s Children and The Satanic Verses, had found his account suspended in 2011 for Facebook thought it to be a fake name. Though he is famous by his middle name Salman, his first name is Ahmed. Facebook prompted him to use his first name on his profile. According to Rushdie, it is like forcing J. Edgar to become John Hoover.

 Direct Hack Attacks

The infamous hacker group Anonymous hatches a plot called Operation Payback to take down Visa’s website after the credit card company cuts off donations to Wikileaks. They target Facebook and twitter to plan and spread the attack and consequently their accounts were suspended.

 Upload weird images Of Your Kids

When Lauren Ferrari posted the photo of her 5-year-old pretending to nurse her younger sibling she never thought that the picture would create such a hue and cry. It appeared to be problematic not only for Facebook but also for police. Her account was suspended for seven days.

 Send spam msgs to your ‘Friends’

Adam Guerbuez was charged $873 million for sending more than 4 million spam messages on penis-enlargements, porn and marijuana, according to PC World. He was expelled from Facebook and forced to file for bankruptcy in 2010.

 Start an account when you are below 13

If you want to open an account in Facebook, you have to wait till you reach 13. As per the Facebook’s chief privacy adviser, an average of 20,000 underage Facebook user accounts is shut down each day. It has a strict policy stating that only those who are above the age of 13 are allowed to maintain a personal profile.

Add Script Or Code To The Site

The tech blogger Robert Scoble once added his address book importer to his Facebook account. When the social media site became aware of this they immediately suspended his account. Later, his account was revived when he made a public revelation of his Facebook dilemma.

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