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There are thousands of apps available for mobile devices, in every possible segment. This is also true of medicine. There are several medical apps, many of them free, which are available for Android users. Here are some of the apps that are most popular with healthcare professionals and med students:

This app is comprehensive and has already become the most downloaded medical app in Android. Among the free content provided by the app : thousands of videos and pictures of clinical procedures, diseases, articles, tables and protocols, drug references, a drug …

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There are tons of software to protect your computer that are available almost anywhere. The good about this is that most of them are very useful and are effective against keeping out viruses and other malicious items from your computer.
But still, there are some that perform better than others and are worthy to be on the Top 5 list for providing security against viruses. Read on to learn more about the different antivirus software available and find out which one will best suit you.
Comodo Firewall
This is a free firewall …

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Microsoft has finally announced the opening of the booking period in the U.S. and prices for Windows 8, confirming that we are faced with the cheapest operating system in the history of Microsoft.
With availability on October 26, versions that can be booked and prices are:

Windows 8 (full version) – $99.99
Windows 8 Professional (full version) – $139.99
Windows 8 Pro Pack (Product Key only) – $69.99
Windows 8 Professional (Upgrade) – $69.99

The first two commercial editions are complete although Windows 8 will not exist as such a retail version but will be provided …

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When we bought new PC with current features but as time goes, it starts working slow. This happens due to installed unwanted program and improper knowledge of PC care. Yes, PC care is a vital part of your PC function. There are some points by which you can optimize your window 7 performance.
Performance Troubleshooter
For slowing down your PC, there may be many reasons that you are not aware of them. Therefore, in your PC, there is a default system called Troubleshooter. It will automatically check problems and fixes them. Please …

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In the last few years, the electronics industry has grown by leaps and bounds with so many different gadgets and devices to purchase. With so many different devices and items in the electronics industry, many people find themselves having trouble picking the right items to buy. Because of this, many of them just go down to the local big box store or electronics retailer to make a purchase, so that they can get some guidance.
While there’s nothing necessarily wrong with this, it can cost you a lot of money …

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Not so long ago Apple made the biggest change in its iPhones by finally hearing the requests of the geeks all over the world and making the iPhone 5… bigger. The old iPhones had 3.5-inch screens, and perhaps that was a good size back in 2007-2010, but since 2011, people prefer 4-inch and bigger screens, and now Apple has finally made an iPhone that meets this demand.
Of course, the bigger screen wasn’t the only thing updated in the new iPhone 5. It was redesigned, too, getting an aluminum body instead …

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Stop Motion Animation is often regarded as one of the easiest and simplest type of animation that we can ever create. Since it makes use of home environment, digital cameras and easy to use locomotive objects, Stop Motion Animation (SMA) can be probably created by anyone.
A Stop Motion Animation is based on the principle that serial frames of pictures and photographs will give the viewer an illusion of motion. In simple words, Stop Motion Animation is nothing but a series of individual photographs of a movable object. And, today we …