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Mobile phones today are ambassadors of communication in a globalized society. They keep people in touch and online no matter where they are in the world.
It was in January of 2007 when the Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone. Needless to say, integration between the mobile phone and daily life has never been the same since then.
Just how far is the iPhone’s reach? Experts estimate that more than a hundred million iPhone units have been sold globally. And Apple says that over fourteen billion apps have been downloaded as …

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Once you’ve invested your time and energy in creating viral content you want it to spread as far and as fast as possible. The most important metric is the K-factor (or contagion rate) – that is: how many other people does each host infect. For viral growth you need a K-factor of at least 1.4.
Leaving it to chance isn’t going to work – people don’t share everything that they encounter any more, there’s just far too much content for that to happen organically. But there are things you can do …

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Sony Mobile yesterday announced its first smartphone boarding home Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0, the “Xperia Neo L”. Announced no later than last week, the Xperia Sola plant actually released with Android 2.3 Gingerbread.
Announced for the moment exclusively in China, the new “Xperia Neo L” takes a sheet worthy of last year and could remain restricted to emerging markets, since the Xperia Sola is already above the entry level segment. It nonetheless indicates that such a sheet is ideal for the latest mobile operating system from Google.

The “Neo L” is …

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Western Digital is now turning to Mac owners by offering a dedicated storage solution. After the My Book Live Duo, the My Book Thunderbolt is only for users of Apple platforms.
This system of dual-drive external storage, then sailed two hard drives 3.5 inch S-ATA and two solutions are proposed. Western Digital If you require the presence of these discs, at least you have the choice of their ability: one will offer you two discs of 2 TB, the other two 3 TB, with a total capacity of 6 TB and …

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Sony wants to revolutionize an everyday object that has not changed in decades. The Japanese firm has announced it is working effectively in the development of “smart sockets”. The objective is to achieve energy savings, but above this energy to charge…

The process of Sony based partly on an authentication chip in the products to be supplied, and the other on “smart outlets” (taken intelligent) or a component of electrical installation in mind, responsible for authenticate equipment.
This would allow for example to automatically bill the owner of an electric car, without …

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In recent years we have witnessed an exponential growth of websites. Businesses and other organizations require solid online presence and many are losing consumers and clients due to the lack of online connection. This is the reason why website templates are getting more popular. Not only templates are cheaper (many are even free) and easy to modify but they also provide lucrative opportunities and require much less maintenance. The Web designer community has grown rapidly and the amount of skill available is staggering.
Among modern Web developers, website templates are important …

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Strange as it may seem, virtualization can improve the performance of some web hosting applications. AMD, a major chip maker, found that overhead caused by virtualization doesn’t always cause performance hit.

A big player in the virtualization industry, VMware, has worked closely with Intel and AMD to get the most of virtualization extensions integrated in current multi-core processors. AMD, for example, has been experimenting with an open-source caching system called Memcached that can be implemented in large cloud-based services, including Twitter, Youtube, WordPress and Digg. Memcached can speed up server …