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RIM continues to support its tablet Playbook by unveiling a Bluetooth keyboard for transforming it into a small laptop with OS 2.0 playbook. An accessory available for pre-order, therefore it has a price.
There are many bluetooth keyboards for iPad or Android tablets,but for the Blackberry Playbook, it was hitherto unpublished. RIM changes the game by announcing the commercialization of next March 23 a Blackberry Mini Keyboard, a Bluetooth keyboard with a touchpad and a holster to accommodate the playbook.
One way to transform a priori effective shelf 7 inch mini netbook …

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Microsoft’s freshly released Windows 8 Consumer Preview is making the rounds on people’s computers, with reviews pouring in everywhere on the Web, and opinions ranging from exhilarating to abysmally disappointed. Windows 8 brings a lot of new things to the table, and while some of them may be bad, a lot of the stuff is really good. It’s not only Microsoft’s first attempt at a tablet OS, but also a unified tablet/desktop OS that works on both x86 and ARM processors – something that sounds nearly impossible to achieve.

But by …

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As expected, Apple introduced the evening’s successor iPad 2 which, contrary to expectations, is not called iPad 3 or iPad HD … but the “new iPad” or “iPad thied generation”.
Tim Cook, who replaces Steve Jobs at the head of Apple, as is the tradition inaugurated the event by a point on the vision and the market for the company he runs. The CEO has focused on what Apple calls “post-PC era”, which the iPad is the embodiment and the first two versions have gone to 172 million copies. Faced with …

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Gone are the days of contemporary web design. As touchscreen devices are currently holding the highest interest among consumers, web designers are required to create some extravagant designs that can best support mobile devices. More consumers are using touchscreen devices now than ever before. Web designers need to adapt themselves to rapid changes in the Internet world and know what are important when migrating to a touch-based interface. Many trends are emerging among the web design community and most of them can be used to support the touchscreen technology.

Although Android …

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Cricket has been often referred to as ‘a Gentleman’s Game’ for a very long time. But not everything in cricket is gentle these days. It has become more fierce, aggressive, competitive and unfriendly game. The gentle and friendly matches played long ago are all gone. These are days of clashes among titans, prove-a-point games, tight and pressure games, money making games and a lot of other factors that have made the game wilder than ever.
Another major change in the game is the involvement of technology. Technology has made the game …

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[5 Mar 2012 | One Comment | ]

PureView technology developed by Nokia for its Symbian 808 smartphone will soon be availabel on Windows Phone.
At the Mobile World Congress (MWC), Nokia introduced several smartphones including a Symbian Belle FP1 having the feature of taking a 41 megapixel sensor. Called the Nokia 808 PureView and developed in collaboration with the photo specialist Carl Zeiss, the latter would more accurately capture photos in 3, 5 or 8 megapixel camera with an oversampling technology to condense 7 pixels within a single pixel. Concretely this mechanism greatly increases the quality of digital …

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A good graphics tablet is an essential tool of the graphic designer’s trade. As graphics tablets have become more affordable, software designers, students, and even hobbyists, have started looking seriously at investing in the ease of a pad and stylus.  The market is crowded with products, so here we show you the best in class for graphics tablets.
Best for Mobile
The Trust Flex Design graphics tablet is a paper-thin device that rolls up to go.  The non-slip backing makes for a robust and comfortable surface, and the 1,024 pressure sensitivity levels …