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You’re old fashioned. You’d rather read a real, ink-on-your-fingers newspaper than read the news on a smartphone. And as much as you like your digital camera, you swear that the Polaroid effect just doesn’t compare to the real deal.
Now you can have the best of both worlds. You must know that by now, there’s an app for everything. Even nostalgia.
Below are seven cool apps to make you feel young again.
Melbourne-based ebook start-up is trying to close the gap between old-fashioned books and ebooks. You can purchase a book …

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Freelancing is always an interesting profession. Its flow of work is best referred as ‘fast and famine’, meaning that people can experience extended periods of no work followed by periods of complete overload. With the economies are still struggling with crisis and hardship, the freelancing community of all fields is taking a big hit and many even need to give up their businesses altogether. Fortunately, there are many things freelance Web designers can do to earn money from many related areas.
Print Design
As a Web designer, your skill set lends …

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Acer presents the Glow, an affordable smartphone running Android 4.0. A brand manager talks about a sale price set at 240 euros … without subscription. While the mobile is equipped with a processor running at 1 GHz, we find that the reactivity is still to go.
This year, Acer had no stand on the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. We still could see the entire range (tablet and mobile) in the presence of Wahid Razali, product manager of the branch smartphone.

The Acer Liquid Glow is powered by a Qualcomm MSM8255 single-core …

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Some years ago, security vendors were reluctant to pass the step towards mobile security. In a context of reconciliation between Nokia and Microsoft and an increase of Android devices, publishers do not hesitate to propose new solutions.
At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, U.S. McAfee announced the release of a new service dedicated to safety. Specifically, it is a mobile security application for SFR customers in France.
Dubbed “SFR Mobile Security”, the function is supposed to protect the data in a smartphone during a theft or loss. It offers a remote …

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In addition to the ViewPad 4 and 10s, the manufacturer also announced the ViewSonic V350, a smartphone “dual SIM” can therefore easily juggle between two phone lines. ViewSonic puts the terminal in a market professional, although its performance remains relatively modest. Indeed, the smartphone embeds a Qualcomm chip clocked at 600MHz with 512MB of RAM. The 3.5-inch display offers a resolution of 480×320. Here are some additional detials about ViewSonic V350:

Android 2.2 operating system;
micro-SD card reader;
WLAN, 3G, USB microphone;
GPS chip, digital compass, a proximity sensor and light;
5 megapixels camera with …

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The iPhone thus far seems to be the most preferred and widely used device. Any productive app on this device seems to be welcomed with red carpet. As technology keeps showing its might, one wonders ‘what on Earth can the mobile apps not perform for its master’. Very soon the answer would be ‘NONE’. And to justify this, here is yet another task the iPhone apps can perform for you – they can translate languages for you.
Here is the list of the top apps that can make your life in …

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After the Pure-Fi Express Plus (who had to return disappointed), Logitech has a new dock clock radio iPod and iPhone compatible. He promises more features than its predecessor, we’ll try to see what is really
Unpacking we find a dock with a streamlined design, different from that proposed by some models of the brand. The case is very plastic and lacquer coating promises many cleanings, this texture grip easily dust and fingerprints. The S400i also displays substantial dimensions (220 x 170 x 92 mm): He will take up space on a …