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The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) today announced the establishment of a plan to recover some data hosted on Megaupload servers. Called MegaRetrieval, this program is implemented with the support of Carpathia Hosting, one of the hosts will store files Megaupload. Unfortunately, limited service to the Americans.
“When the government of the United States has closed access to Megaupload, multitudes of innocent users who store files lost all legitimate means to access their data“, says the project site installed by the EFF . “If you’re one of them based in the United …

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We all use the Web every day, and we recognize the constant evolution of this medium. Web developers, however, have a unique perspective, one from behind the curtain. From that vantage, the growth seems furious and chaotic, which is often intimidating: We’re never sure which way the wind will blow, and preparation for tomorrow becomes a game. If it’s this tough on us, imagine how challenging it is for the hosting companies that must meet our needs.
One thing that the successful host has learned is that in order to …

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Finally! Since the announcement of AMD’s famous HD3D technology which is the marketing name around his features “3D”, we waited the arrival on the market first screen HDMI 1.4a. This is the case of Acer and HS244HQ proposed around € 369
So let’s start at the beginning. It is first necessary to know that, physically, a base connector (Type A) HDMI 1.4 does not differ from previous versions. There are still 19 pins, and it is the same at its maximum, which is 10.2 Gbps, the signal frequency is unchanged (340 …

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In the context of a market with dozens of different models from many players, smartphones manufacturers looking for ways to differentiate themselves and continue to a growing market but must be increasingly shared by all.
It is already clear that the strategy of occupation by many market models observed in 2011 cannot work over time, except perhaps for the larger players such as Samsung, and 2012 should be less hectic in this area.
This year, the idea is rather to seek to create iconic models, capable of being sold millions of copies, …

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10 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Better Working

Google Chrome has no doubt become a great and preferable browser for us, but what increases its work efficiency is the abundant supply of extensions which when installed lifts your chrome to a higher level. But since there are a huge number of Google chrome extensions, so choosing the best chrome extensions is somewhat difficult from the Chrome Webstore. But to make that job easy, I have formed a list of great extensions that you can add to your Google chrome and make your working experience better than before. You …

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We have all heard stories about the army right from our childhood. All those tales are mostly on how the army has protected us all the way from international dangers and how they have come to rescue when people are in big time trouble like calamities. And it is about the sacrifices made by them and the disciplined life that they lead.
There is a popular saying:
People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men and women stand ready to do violence on their behalf.- George Orwell (An …

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In June 2009, Google engineers explained that many of the Internet protocols were developed at a time when dial-up connection predominated. These protocols are not optimized for ADSL today. Google wanted to thereby form a working group which will be working on HTTP and TCP/IP protocols.
In November 2009, Google introduced the SPDY, a transfer protocol on the Internet would be two times faster than traditional HTTP. Unlike the HTTP protocol that sends each request for all items on the page (CSS, images, JavaScript) SPDY compresses all upstream. This would result …