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The Amazon Kindle Fire tablet has been constantly compared to the Apple iPad range, although it is not really intended to compete directly with this high-end device. Instead, Amazon’s objective is to court consumers who have a little less money to spend but still want the best experience that a tablet can offer. The question most people are asking at this point, however, is whether the differences between the Kindle Fire and the iPad really matter.
This issue is unavoidably subjective, but it makes sense to identify where the two devices …

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These days everyone are speaking about two U.S. bills PIPA and SOPA. The blackout generated by large Web players has contributed significantly to the media, far beyond the borders of the United States. Last episode, the senators decided to postpone their vote, expected next Tuesday, at a later date.
A highly visible opposition
These two laws are proposed to allow rights holders to initiate orders technical intermediaries when a site they believe promotes piracy of copyrighted works. The difference with the current system is that they may do so by completely bypassing …

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Kingston has added a new line of SSD to its range: the SSD Now V 200. The manufacturer claims no less than ten models ranging from 60 GB to 480 GB All operating a controller SATA 6 Gbps from SandForce and will be available as usual from the manufacturer, with or without update kit.
The manufacturer claims they can hold sequential flow of 535 MB/s read and up to 480 MB/s write. Of course, these figures are possible only in the case of highly compressible files, including the controller SandForce is …

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A popular quote says “When I thought about the evils of spending too much on technologies/gadgets this New Year, I gave up thinking”. Such has been the temptation for new technology year-after-year. The 2011 was not a bad year with lots of technology offers and that has led to great anticipation for the 2012 as well.
Here, let us briefly run through a variety of gadgets / technology stuff that has creamed the year 2011. Now, as all of us are well aware of these products and their features, this article …

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The Intel Group offers an additional guarantee for the owners of its unbridled processors, through which a replacement is possible in case of breakage.
If you are a fan of overclocking and have one of the recent unbridled Intel processor which are identified by their suffix K which include following processors: Core i5-2500K, Core i7-2600K, Core i7-2700K, Core i7-3930K, or suffix X as the Core i7-3960X, this is something that might interest you.
The giant of Santa Clara (Intel) has indeed announced the Performance Tuning Protection Plan, which provides an additional guarantee …

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Thecus has just updated two of its NAS (the N2200 and N4200 Pro XXX) and announces two new models: the N2800 and N4800. They each have 2 GB of DDR3 and are driven by an Intel Atom D2700 which is clocked at 2.13 GHz, against 1 GB of RAM and an Atom at 1.8 GHz D525 before (two cores and Hyper Threading in both cases) .
In both cases, the manufacturer said it had opted for a passive cooling system for the CPU. The only fan this is one of the …

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Ever since the first computer came out, every year thereafters there’s been something new that’s supposedly revolutionary – take for example the Amstrad E-m@iler or any one of the highly mobile pc’s that came out with a stylus on screen keyboard.
But every now and then, something good does come out, that really does shake things up, and at the end of last year that product arrived, and it’s made a real change to how people browse both at home and in the workplace.
Introducing the iPad…
The Apple iPad has taken off …