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The world loves an acronym and that’s especially the case with the business world. One of the latest trends of the business world is BYOD, which stands for Bring Your Own Device. It has even spawned its own acronym family with Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT), Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) and Bring Your Own PC (BYOPC) all part of the same phenomenon.
As the name implies, all of these involve employees taking their own devices into work for use and this is part of the trend known as the ‘consumerisation …

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Encryption is a technique of encoding message in a manner that only authorized users can read it. The message is encrypted using encryption algorithm, cipher text which further allows to read the encrypted message only if it is decrypted.
Security is a major threat so the average website visitor should know the basics of web security. Mostly, everyone knows about little padlock at the bottom which indicates that the page is secured page. The advanced user will try to break the security settings of the browser.
If the website is encrypted then …

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While we’re still waiting for flying cars seen in science fiction films, modern technology has made huge advancements in transportation. We now have various electronic and hybrid automobiles and scientists are even researching alternative fuel resources. Not only are these advancements helping the environment, they also aim to help people to drive safely. After all, a lot of accidents are caused by human error. Let’s take a look at a couple of examples of how technology will be helping drivers this year…

Electric Cars
One of the most successful attempts at using …

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Do you get irritated with the many pop up ads that accompany free video hosting websites? Or is it the non-reliability of these sites or the broken links that are preventing you from watching your favourite show online. TV shows aired in the US or UK can take years to come to your television set or may not be aired at all. So, how do you enjoy your favourite show without getting frustrated in first place? The dummy way to do this is shift to the country where the show …

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Being an avid gamer, I still fondly recall the good old coin operated arcade days. Of course, video game industry has grown by leaps and bounds since the mundane world of pacman or side scrolling goodness of Double Dragon and Final Fight. The premise of the games, graphics/visuals and the share magnitude of what can now be achieved in the gaming world is simply incredible and defies belief. Suffice to say that every single aspect has gone under substantial overhauling. Apart from the ingredients mentioned above, one of the key …

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2015 strikes and many of us make New Year resolutions. Being motivated to work and at work is one resolution that many people will attempt to make. But the question is, how do we keep ourselves motivated through the depths of winter, especially when deadlines are hard pressing, bosses are more demanding and overtime hours go deep into the night?

#1 Love your job, or try to
Some people just do a job for the sake of it, but enjoying what you do really does have an impact on how you work …

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What goes through an inventor’s head when he or she comes up with a gadget design? Probably, the first and foremost priority is the usefulness of the gadget. What about esthetics? the device being ergonomic? Well, the creators and inventors of the gadgets you are going to read about had the usefulness covered, but left a lot to be desired when it came to the latter qualities:
iCade – Arcade Cabinet for iPad

Apple advertently or inadvertently started a trend of inventors being obsessed with designing accessories for it. The name …