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Mobile phones are no longer a luxury. In fact, they have emerged as one of the most essential gadgets today. No one can do without these multi-purpose communication devices that have transformed the modern life. It is interesting to note that mobile phone users constantly hunt for newer and better models, no matter how much they love their existing handset. Thanks to the rapid development in technology that allows us to explore and benefit from scores of new features with every passing day. But have you ever thought what happens …

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Digital quickly became the new norm for businesses everywhere. Following the boom of the Internet in the early 2000s, we are facing the promise of interconnectedness today and it is a wave that no one can stop. The new year brings in latest innovations that aim to increase productivity and make even more people embrace the digital lifestyle. For big businesses, the digital future is brighter than ever. We present here a few key points to consider that aim to help you bring your business to the forefront.
Be on the …

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You often hear horror stories about corporate and employee data being leaked and this is a real fear for a lot of businesses, particularly HR staff. Of course, you can take steps to minimise the risk and make sure your employee data stays protected.
One of the best ways to keep your data safe is to use a service like Kelly’s Data Storage as they provide high level security for all kinds of data and documents. Here are some other ways to protect employee data.

Be aware of who has access to …

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The launch of iOS 8 means significant changes in the way users search for and purchase apps in the App Store, and developers must stay abreast of the latest software improvements if they hope to stay competitive. Here are a few key updates you should familiarize yourself with to ensure app store optimization success:
Trending Searches
These days, Twitter isn’t the only place people can go to keep up with the latest trends. Since the launch of iOS 8, the App Store has featured a “Trending Searches” section, which lists the top …

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As a blogger, isn’t it just irritating to find adverts of Fast food on your own blog when you are promoting a healthy lifestyle or worse still find adverts of car on sale when you are prompting your readers to go green? Dear blogger, please do not blame yourself for this mishap, since it is the banner Ad Service you are using that has to take the blame. Luckily, there is something you can do to ensure that all information on your blog or website is relevant, inclusive of the …

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The iPhone is known to have the largest collection of apps available on the market. New apps are introduced all the time and there’s something to suit everyone. From games to daily task reminders and magazines to shopping apps, there’s a huge selection out there. Below you’ll discover 10 of the best new apps for 2015.

Argus – Fitness Tracker

If you’re trying to keep fit this year, the Argus app could be just what you need. It allows you to keep track of calories and exercise throughout the day. It …

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Apparently, there’s no recession in the DDoS business. Information collected from well into 2014, confirms that this year will mark a new water level in DDoS occurrence. Attackers don’t seem to skimp on R&D either – their weapons are honed to effectively compromise a variety of unprotected IT asset types.
New evidence quantifies the damage in monetary terms. The key figure is: On average, a DDoS attack costs $40,000 per hour in damages directly related to the DDoS, as analyzed in this Incapsula research.
The quality of the source data is promising. …