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Have you ever signed up for a newsletter or service online and received an immediate and personalized response in your inbox directed to you? Or realized that the company seemed to know when you haven’t interacted with them in a while or could usually seem to send you just what you need in a timely manner? No, it’s not a special employee in their company dedicated to communicating with you but is the result of an optimized autoresponder at work.

GetResponse’s autoresponder is a powerful email marketing automation tool that allows …

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Among the numerous common internet security threats designed to maim networks and steal private data, distributed denial of service attacks have the greatest potential for directly crippling networks and causing loss of income for businesses. DDos attacks continue to grow in stride becoming more sophisticated with increased obscurity and intensity; coming a far way from its very meek beginnings in 1997.

DDos attacks, with the largest recorded with bandwidth in excess of 300 Gbps, will become more common as technology and connectivity advances in favor of speed and network resources. Throughout …

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With the advancement of technology, digital marketing businesses are growing more and more each day. Customers look to digital marketers to help them build and expand their brand. But not only do digital marketing businesses need to help others, they also need to assure that they handle their own business correctly too. We spoke to Haris at EBS Marketing a prestigious agency based in Manchester for advice on running a Digital Marketing agency in 2014. You can also check out their Facebook page here – EBS Marketing.
1. Know Your Market

Haris …

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Domain names can play a critical part when naming your business. If you are looking to establish any kind of lasting business, you should always take into consideration whether or not it’s worth setting up a website; in most cases the answer is yes.
If you have a very generic business name, it may become more difficult to get an exact domain name match, as someone has most likely already purchased something like www.joebloggs.com. If you are setting up a business that is going to rely heavily on your website (such …

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Introduced as the first social network where users can record video profiles as to give a real impression on him, Wonderloop is a new project aimed at those who want to find friends, business partners or potential customers.
The app and its service is centered around contacts who are able to showcase their personal interests, and the strength of Wonderloop is the ability to record profiles video up to 20 seconds maximum, and also the ability to add the profile extra information’s such as name, location or multiple tags . A …

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For most of the business community, flyers and leaflets are commons words to hear, not to mention they’re commonly used, however, what is the actual difference between the two? Too often we use both terms, but never take note of their differences, their benefits and their cons.
One of the easiest ways to describe a flyer is that it tends to be one sheet advertising direct information, whereas a leaflet tends to be more thorough and detailed. instantprint, one of the UK’s leading print manufacturers kindly explained the simple but important …

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The environment is often the prime casualty in today’s fast-paced, technology-propelled world. The malaise of non-biodegradable products, electronic scrap, and electricity wastage are being increasingly felt every passing day. So the global community truly ought to harness environment-friendly devices forthwith to extenuate the effect on Earth’s resources.
To help you contribute towards the green cause, here’s a roundup of 6 of the finest eco friendly gadgets in the market:

Switch LED Bulb
The breakthrough Switch LED bulb is a modern-day electrical marvel mainly due to its awesome 25000-hour rated life. Detailed facets:
a) …