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Over the years, the gaming world has seen significant changes. The devices which have been used to access games have evolved. Today, many of the devices we use as gaming consoles actually can perform other tasks besides gaming. Some are even smartphones capable of making phone calls. Eclipsing the smartphone as the preferred gaming device is the larger yet still compact tablet. If you’re an avid gamer then you should consider purchasing a tablet for gaming. Of course, when perusing the different tablets on the market, the iPad is probably …

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Users of android smart phones have been spoiled for choice lately with a wide array of smartphones available to choose from and with recent studies showing that android smartphones account for 64% of all smartphones sold this trend will only increase the production of smart phones to meet their demand. It is therefore imperative to have some Knowledge of the best android smartphone available in the market today so as to assist buyers make the best choices when buying.
Samsung and HTC offer some of the best android smartphones with Samsung …

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The latest figures from the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) show clearly that there has been no significant increase in the surface temperatures of the planet for the last fifteen years. Does this mean that global warming is no longer happening or that all of those climate change models that have been developed at vast expense over the last few decades are incorrect?
The latest explanation is that more heat than usual or expected is being absorbed by the oceans and that there has been no real slow down; the …

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Recording while you ride, measuring your performance, communicate with other cyclists and using your phone, high tech accessories for cyclists are becoming more and more popular and with that popularity, the number of accessories are increasing. That’s why choosing the best one is quite hard, and we decided to make it a bit easier to decide with this list of 10 high tech accessories for cyclists.
Biologic Bike Mount

The Biologic Bike Mount is a case that is compatible iPhone 5 allowing you to carry your smartphone while your riding. The case …

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Google Reader says goodbye. After nearly eight years serving news and articles from the browser, on any computer or mobile device, the Google reader stopped working on July 1. Although one of the official reasons for closure is the lack of use, many use RSS feeds to keep updated with the latest news and updates from the web. I personally use Feedly, but there are many alternatives to Google Reader. Some of them bring something new or different, while others have chosen to imitate the style of Reader to make …

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Few days ago I ordered Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Book Jacket case with stand to replace my existing case that I found a little cumbersome. It is made of fine materials and follows precisely the shape of the tablet. The flap does not interfere with the charging socket or access to micro SD card, unlike other cases where it was necessary to remove the tablet in order to access these sockets.

At the headphone jack there is also a opening: it is extended by a small tab soft silicone split in length. …

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Just as a new pair of running shoes or trendy new workout gear always tends to give us a little boost in motivation when it comes to working out, so too can a shiny new gadget have on our enthusiasm and excitement for working. So whether you’re an athlete in training, or just someone looking to get fit, here’s a round up of some of the best fitness-related gadgets available for this year.

Fitbit Flex – The Fitbit Flex is the latest model from fitness technology specialists Fitbit. The slim and …