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[4 Dec 2013 | 3 Comments | ]

The environment is often the prime casualty in today’s fast-paced, technology-propelled world. The malaise of non-biodegradable products, electronic scrap, and electricity wastage are being increasingly felt every passing day. So the global community truly ought to harness environment-friendly devices forthwith to extenuate the effect on Earth’s resources.
To help you contribute towards the green cause, here’s a roundup of 6 of the finest eco friendly gadgets in the market:

Switch LED Bulb
The breakthrough Switch LED bulb is a modern-day electrical marvel mainly due to its awesome 25000-hour rated life. Detailed facets:
a) …

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[20 Jul 2013 | No Comment | ]

Recording while you ride, measuring your performance, communicate with other cyclists and using your phone, high tech accessories for cyclists are becoming more and more popular and with that popularity, the number of accessories are increasing. That’s why choosing the best one is quite hard, and we decided to make it a bit easier to decide with this list of 10 high tech accessories for cyclists.
Biologic Bike Mount

The Biologic Bike Mount is a case that is compatible iPhone 5 allowing you to carry your smartphone while your riding. The case …

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[16 May 2013 | One Comment | ]

Just as a new pair of running shoes or trendy new workout gear always tends to give us a little boost in motivation when it comes to working out, so too can a shiny new gadget have on our enthusiasm and excitement for working. So whether you’re an athlete in training, or just someone looking to get fit, here’s a round up of some of the best fitness-related gadgets available for this year.

Fitbit Flex – The Fitbit Flex is the latest model from fitness technology specialists Fitbit. The slim and …

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[29 Apr 2013 | One Comment | ]

Looking for an additional accessory for your Samsung Galaxy S4? Here is our list of really cool accessories that will protect your device, but also make it more comfortable while playing video games or typing.
S Cover View
This is probably the most interesting accessory for those users that want to protect their new Galaxy S4. This flip cover protects the screen without any need to unlock your phone to see necessary information’s because a small opening at the top allows you to see basic information such as time, date and notifications …

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[17 Sep 2012 | No Comment | ]

So… the iPhone 5 was finally announced. Some people (especially Apple fans) were delighted, others were a bit disappointed – after all, the new iPhone is bigger than the old ones, it’s more powerful and armed with better specs, but it doesn’t have any revolutionary or shocking feature. So geeks are wondering if it’ll be able to become one of the best-selling devices on the market, just like its predecessors. I guess it won’t be that easy for the new Apple iPhone to conquer a huge market share this time, …

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[8 Sep 2012 | No Comment | ]

The Samsung Galaxy S III and HTC One X are the heavyweights slugging it out in the main event of this year’s flagship wars. These are quad-core behemoths, along with the LG Optimus 4X HD, that instantly come to people’s minds when they think about the best smartphones on the market today. There is, however, another quad-core contender that isn’t as popular: the Meizu MX 4-core.
First off, if you know about the original Meizu MX, you know that this is practically the same device, only with 2 more cores thrown …

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[6 Aug 2012 | No Comment | ]

It’s easy to travel with too much stuff.
That’s because most of us pack for contingencies. Even if the forecast is clear, we’ve got to have a raincoat. Just in case. And when it comes to our gadgets, we’ve got to have our entire music library, three or four Kindle books, and everything we may need to work on the road.
For many travelers, the number of items – and their weight – can add up quickly. Here are a few ways modern gadgets can help you lighten your load and simplify …

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[18 Jul 2012 | One Comment | ]

2012 is undoubtedly the year of Android phones. The Google-owned operating system is now used by the vast majority of leading smartphone manufacturers and as a result, Android is now the dominant force in terms of market share, surpassing the once all-conquering Apple iPhone. If you are looking to purchase yourself a shiny new Android phone with great design, you are certainly not stuck for choice. However, if you want a truly great phone, you should probably choose a phone from the following list of the top 10 Android phones …

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[18 Apr 2012 | One Comment | ]

Most smartphone makers try to promote their devices by drawing everybody’s attention to the powerful specs and features. But the truth is – you can’t really surprise anyone with powerful features today – almost all high-end phones have them. And besides, some people are just looking for a phone that is cool and beautifully designed.
So which are the most well-designed smartphones on the current market? Let’s try to find out!
1. Apple iPhone 4S – Classics
We have chosen the iPhone 4S simply as a representation for how the Apple way of …