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Top 10 Broadband Speed Test Sites to Help You Test Your Internet Speed

17 July 2011 11 Comments

Having a fast internet connection is very important and it is always best to ensure you always get the fastest broadband internet connection you can. Unfortunately, a lot of people have been deceived by their ISP’s who will promise to give them a particular internet speed and not even give them half of what they promised – this is really serious and in order to avoid not falling into a situation like this, this blog post will be listing 10 major sites to help you test your internet speed in order to get the best from your broadband ISP.


1. Speedtest.net

This site is a great, effective and reputable site when it comes to testing your internet connection speed and is highly effective irrespective of your country or geographical location because they have servers all over the world so you won’t be restricted.

Another major advantage of using this server is that it automatically selects the best server to ping your ISP while at the same making it very easy for you to compare results.

2. Speak Easy

While there is nothing bad in making use of a general speed testing site like Speedtest.net it will be even better if you can make use of a more specific speed testing website.

When it comes to testing your internet speed if you’re living in the US a great service to help you effectively test your internet speed is Speak Easy – it also has a list of different countries so you’re assured of getting the best and most accurate result possible.

3. DSL Reports

Another great and effective online tool for testing your internet connection speed is the one provided by DSL reports. This tool is very powerful and has a lot of capabilities and features compared to others which includes the ability to use flash or java to speed test for more accuracy. It also has great support for testing your mobile internet speed ( J ) and another awesome thing is that it also has a directory of other speed testing websites.

The above are some major speed testing websites and in case you’re looking for some more country specific tools the speed testing tools by Broadband Expert is one of the best. The two major services are listed below.

4. Broadband Expert UK

Another major speed testing but country specific tool is the Broadband Expert UK speed testing tool. It is a very powerful tool mainly for those in the UK and the fun fact about it is that even though it is a UK speed testing tool it works for pretty much every ISP irrespective of the country you are in the world. It is also a real time service and gives very accurate results.

5. Broadband Expert Australia

Another great broadband tool for you, especially if you’re Australian, is the Australian broadband expert speed testing tool. This tool is specific to Australians and will give highly accurate results if you make the best use of it. It also has various options for you to select which type of ISP you’re using while giving you the option to rate them.

6. Speed Guide Speed Test Service

Another great and effective tool you can use to test the speed of your internet connection is the Speedguide.net speed testing service. At the time of writing this blog post the SG speed test service has servers in over 19 locations and this means you can easily choose a location nearest to you to test the speed of your internet connection. The SG speed test service also offers priority service and longer speed test history to registered users.

7. 2Wire.com Speed Test Service

This is also a great speed testing option and with the 2wire speed testing service testing is instant – you don’t have to wait or click a button because it will start testing your internet speed as soon as you land on the page.

8. iBeast Speed Calculator

The iBeast speed calculator is also a great tool that allows you the option to choose the level of your internet connection. It has two options, namely the 56k dial up option and the broadband option (DSL/T1 etc.). Even though the site design looks very basic it is a really great speed testing tool.

9. Speed Matters Speed Test Service

Another very cool speed testing service is the SpeedMatters.org internet speed test service. Even though it says you should enter your email and zip code to speed test that isn’t really necessary. The Speed Matters speed test service is also very sophisticated and fancy so you will definitely get a lot from using it.

10. Bandwidth Place Speed Test

The final tool here is the bandwidth place speed testing tool. This is also another great and fancy internet speed test tool that delivers accurate results quickly. This tool also gives advice as to how your internet connection is performing and what internet speed you can consider great.

This is a guest post by Paul on choosing the best internet service providers.


  • Tech Logos said:

    Great post, very useful internet speed test sites, glad to know how my internet speed is, Thanks for the links.

  • Jenny said:

    Great list. I usually use http://www.speedtests.net .. It’s not in the list but I really think it deserve to be in it.

  • Arun Sengupta said:

    Nice list… I use the first one as well 🙂

  • Kamna Chawla said:

    It was a great post.
    The internet speed test can also be used as a tool to help find if there is something wrong with your broadband link. If any of your web site is loading slow, you can go to any internet speed check service and know if it’s your link or the server where the web site resides.

  • Bob Enyeart said:

    I tried most every site above and results varied wildly from a low of 1.4 down to 31 down

    Most were in 6-8 range

    Cox cable link that is supposed to be 10+ x 3+

  • Tron said:

    One I’d use regularly and that isn’t in the list http://www.broadbandspeedtest.co.uk which I find gives a decent accurate result when compared to other speed testers I’ve also tried.

  • Jame said:

    Nice post! Work great for my site: http://www.downspaces.com

  • Bhavin Gandhi said:

    hey i found another site simple but with very accurate results and gives us actual speed of net

    I like it http://www.go4speedtest.com

  • Suurresh Thaakur said:

    Nice job, great but i can’t operate properly pl Help

  • Louis Carlow said:

    There are several stories circulating on the Internet regarding bandwidth (the speed at which you access the Internet) and how it is going to begin to reach capacity very soon unless something is done. This will render the Internet almost completely useless for everything but the simplest and slimmest of applications.-

    Our own web-site

  • Paul Thompson said:

    I personally love this one —
    Allows you to compare two sites, which is nice:

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