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Top 20 Spy Gadgets of 2012

7 December 2012 3 Comments

The art of spying has been in use since the ancient times, long before unmanned Ariel reconnaissance vehicles they used the nature, surroundings to understand the movements of the enemies. Ever since the two world wars and cold war era, use of spies has taken top priority for many of the nations. This has dripped down even to common man. Here as some of the top spy gadgets of 2012 which are available to the general public.


Sonic Nausea is a tiny little device that connects to a 9 volt battery. It emits a high frequency sound that is virtually undetectable and capable of causing headaches, dizziness and even nausea to anyone nearby. Unfortunately this means ideally this is not a device you would want to activate from your pocket as you too could become a target. But still… How cool would it be to make your boss feel nauseous every time he/she starts barking orders?


These itty bitty mechanical insects are still a work in progress but engineers have successfully given them flight. Ideally these miniature robots will eventually be used for chemical detection but researchers are still gathering ideas for other uses. Someday… who knows? You might be watched right now.


Ah now here is a useful device. This radar detector gives the user the ability to detect radar at incredibly long distances, alerting you to those pesky speed traps set up by police. I’m sure there are other uses but none so practical as saving you a few hundred dollars on a speeding ticket. And if you do get pulled over and dragged into court… we heard if the officer doesn’t show up, the ticket gets dropped, which brings us back to Sonic Nausea.


If you have frequently wondered how to protect yourself from the occasional flying bullet in your office, look no further. The bullet proof body armor clip board is the perfect protection against those unpredictable coworkers. If I had to guess the origin of this product, I would bet money on the post office. Check out this cool demo.


This nifty gadget is designed to let you hear through walls. Complete with head phones it is quite the upgrade from the homemade ear to glass to wall contraption we have all tried to use at some point or another.


Since this is a fairly new device the true awesomeness of this product has yet to become popular. We give it an A for ingenuity. Why? Well this fan is designed to rotate back and forth. The camera is conveniently placed in the rotating component of the fan. This means when the fan is running, the camera inside is pivoting back and forth recording continuous HIDDEN video footage of everything in its path. If you wish to record a straight shot of a particular area, just turn the fan off.


This handy apparatus is designed to allow the user to hear sounds up to 100 yards away. It’s a good thing it can pick up sounds from such a distance to, as someone would likely notice this bulky contraption. It might be hard to explain why you are carrying around what appears to be a small satellite dish. That said, if you’re ever concerned what’s being said in a conversation several hundred feet away, this could prove to be pretty useful.


What’s cooler than a phone you can call? A phone that calls you! That’s right. This nifty little gadget is equipped with a motion sensor and when someone sets off that motion sensor this seemingly common device will silently call you on your cellphone. When you answer the call you are able to listen in on whatever is happening in your home. Sadly it will only let you listen for 30 seconds, then it will shut off and wait for additional activity. Don’t worry though. As soon as it detects motion again, it will call you back. Much more reliable than last night’s date.


How can you test for infidelity? Simple, check for semen. That’s right. This kit is a semen detection kit. While it can tell you if semen is present, it cannot tell you who it belongs to. For this reason we recommend using this kit only if you know without a doubt the semen is not yours. Keep in mind too that while it is unlikely for a woman to get semen on herself without some sort of male influence, it may be trickier to catch a cheating man with this kit. Especially if the man has a very exciting relationship with… well… himself. I mean really. Who knows what he was doing for 20 minutes in the do it yourself hobbies section of the library?


Simple and easy to use. How does it work? You install the software on your computer. The software runs covertly and completely undetected while it logs all activity on your computer and sends it to your email. This software is capable of logging key strokes, programs used and sites visited. You’ll think twice before Googling home remedies for butt pimples. Someone might be watching….


The Maury show is likely losing business over this technology. Now you can take paternity tests at home. Simply collect the DNA from the child and the alleged parent using a cheek swab. Mail it to a lab for testing and have your results back in as little as a week. No commercial breaks.


Finally something useful. Though expensive this device is totally worth it. We’ve all had suspicion from time to time that someone might be spying on us. This detector not only allows you to detect spy cameras in the area, it also allows you to see what the spy camera sees, giving you the opportunity to “spy back” should you choose to do so.


This little device is discreet enough to hide in a vehicle or even someone’s bag, with a little creativity of course. This gadget logs a history of its location for several days. Unfortunately you will not be able to track this device live online. Instead you will have to retrieve the device in order to view its data. Once retrieved you can download the data directly to your computer and get detailed map of where it’s been and what time it was there. The beauty of this device is that once purchased there are NO additional monthly service fees for its use.


It looks like an AC adapter. It feels like an AC adapter. It must be an AC adapter. Au contraire my dear spy cam enthusiast. Hidden in this seemingly ordinary device is a tiny camera capable of recording hours of footage. The camera is not hidden in the adapter but instead is covertly concealed in the end of the wire. You can point it in any direction and leave it. What’s brilliant is that if someone were to discover this tiny wire spy cam draped up and over a shelf or table, they would simply wonder what it plugs into.


You can take an iPhone charger anywhere without suspicion. That’s why we consider this device a flexible spy cam. There is no need to worry about battery operation with this gadget. You can plug it in anywhere you go without drawing unwanted attention. Use it at home as a nanny cam, at work as a surveillance camera or even when you are on vacation to make sure the hotel staff is not rummaging through your belongings when you’re out.


Have you ever wished you had a tiny hidden compartment to hide your money? How about a tiny hidden compartment IN your money? These super cool coins are just that. Check out the video review of the spy coins. Now you might think twice before walking by that penny on the ground. It could contain secrets you never dreamed of.


If you have secret information that you wish to keep under wraps the Iron Key Flash Drive is an important piece of equipment to have on hand. This flash drive will not only store your files but is password protected to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing its data. If someone attempts to guess the password this flash drive has an extra security feature. After 10 failed password attempts the flash drive will automatically self-destruct any information stored on it. So you may want to have a back-up in case the original is destroyed.


Send a text. Delete a text. Not anymore. Now you can retrieve deleted data from a cell phone simply by inserting the SIM card from the cell phone into this modern apparatus and connecting it to your computer’s USB port. Catching a cheater has never been easier.


Okay now your iPhone may be equipped with a pretty gnarly flash light app but does it have the ability to see in complete darkness? Not without this. This awesome piece of equipment turns your seemingly regular iPhone into an advanced night vision recording device. Now you can record videos in complete darkness without blinding someone with your high powered LED cellphone light.


In every scary movie the victim is never able to call 911 because the murderer is always sure to cut the phone line. Since the invention of the cell phone, scary movies have had to migrate the location of their plots to secluded remote areas where cell phone service is not readily available. Ah but phone companies have upgraded their networks and we just can’t believe that you can’t get at least one bar long enough to call for emergency help. Movie makers rejoice! Now you can equip your tech savvy axe murderer with one of these nifty little cell phone jammers and let the suspense resume.


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Author Bio – Andrew Capelle is a recent graduate in engineering who is passionate about spy gadgets. He is also a die-hard James Bond fan. He recently started a blog named simplyspycameras to share his passion online.


  • Sherwin said:

    You have provided a great list of spy gadgets that people can use. Unless there is a valid reason to spy on someone, we should always respect the right to privacy.

  • George said:

    omg! There are so many ways you can be spied on!! I think for me if I was going to spy on someone I would use a camera or audio recording device. I had NEVER thought that I could be spied on in so many ways. wow just wow

  • Noel said:

    the spyback camera just made it to my list its awesome and I so would love to own such a device, the others have their own pros and cons

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