10 Amazing Transparent Animals

Nature is always wonderful and often weird. Every creature has its camouflage technique to hunt and defend themselves. Some show off everything they have like transparent animals. With the lack of pigmentation they can trick predators that literally see right through them.


Transparent Sea Cucumber


Sea Cucumber has a survival history of over hundreds of millions of years.  The sea dwellers are slow movers and have soft body.  The transparency will allow cucumbers to fly under the radar and enables a quick & easy kill of predators.


Transparent Butterfly


Butterflies of the species Greta Oto are commonly called clearwings or glasswings. They are usually found from Mexico through Panama and have wingspans of 2.2 to 2.4 inches (5.6 to 6.1 cm) in width. Their mostly transparent wings will allow these butterflies less visible when in move.



Transparent Goldfish


The transparent gold fish was created in late 2009 by the researchers at Mie University in Japan by selectively breeding pale gold fish. The creature’s internal organs can be easily seen. The non-gold goldfish are expected to live up to 20 years and grow to a length of 10 inches (25cm).



Transparent-Headed Barreleye Fish


The Pacific Barreleye (Macropinna microstoma) was first identified in 1939. You can see its eyes rotate within a transparent, fluid-filled head shield.


Transparent Cave Crayfish


Crayfish, which lives in caves, has neither eyes nor pigmentation. There are 39 species of cave crayfish species in North America which range from whitish albinos to nearly translucent in appearance.


Transparent Squid


Squid of the species Cranchiidae are commonly known as Glass Squids. These delicate looking cephalopods will look like hand blown glass bottles with the only pigmented part being the cigar-shaped liver. The Colossal Squid that can grow up to 9.8 feet long without including the arms.


Transparent Jellyfish


Jellyfish is so common in all of the world’s oceans and is increasing in number as the oceans warm up. They are to some degree transparent. Like glass squids, certain species of transparent jellyfish use bioluminescence to attract prey close enough for the jellyfish’s tentacles to shock them into submission.


Transparent Frog


Glass frog can be found in Venezuelan rainforest. The Glass Frog’s internal organs and eggs can be seen without too much trouble.


Transparent Icefish


Transparent Icefish can be seen in the cold waters of Antarctica and southern South America. Their blood is transparent because they have no hemoglobin and/or only defunct erythrocytes.


Transparent Siphonophores


Siphonophores belong to the Cnidaria, a group of animals that includes the corals, hydroids, and true jellyfish. Marrus orthocanna is a deep sea siphonophore. Its digestive and circulatory system is red while all other parts are transparent.

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