10 Best iPhone Apps for 2015

The iPhone is known to have the largest collection of apps available on the market. New apps are introduced all the time and there’s something to suit everyone. From games to daily task reminders and magazines to shopping apps, there’s a huge selection out there. Below you’ll discover 10 of the best new apps for 2015.

10 Best iPhone Apps for 2015

  1. Argus – Fitness Tracker

If you’re trying to keep fit this year, the Argus app could be just what you need. It allows you to keep track of calories and exercise throughout the day. It constantly runs in the background and can even track the amount of steps you take. If you like running you’ll also love the tracker feature which remembers where you last ran and creates daily maps.

  1. SecureTeen

There are numerous iPhone parental controls that let you monitor, manage and control your kids’ iPhone usage, but no app does the job as comprehensively as SecureTeen. This app is truly one of a kind. With a long list of features that include internet filtering, time-based schedule for device usage, online activity recording, social media monitoring, SMS/ MMS logging, and location tracking, it helps you protect your kids from all sorts of online threats. The best part is that it lets you do all this remotely.

  1. BringFido

If you’re a dog owner, BringFido helps you to find the best pet-friendly hotels, beaches and outdoor restaurants.

  1. Converter Plus

Converter Plus is a handy app to have as it converts practically everything. This includes currency conversions, metric to imperial calculations and even loan interest amounts.

  1. Digg

Do you like to keep up to date with the latest news? Digg makes it easy to read all of the latest news stories in one place. It even suggests other content you might like. It’s free too, so definitely worth checking out.

  1. Dropbox

If you haven’t already got Dropbox then 2015 is the year to download it. Helping you to sync all of your files from your laptop, PC, mobile, tablet and office computer, this useful app helps to free up storage space and keep everything in one easy to find place.

  1. Easily Do

This app is like your own personal assistant. It can connect to any online service and it looks for ways to help you get things done easier. If you connect it to Facebook, for example, it will see if there are any birthdays coming up and can post to your friends wall in advance. The app will really help you to be a lot more productive.

  1. Workflow

Costing £1.99, Workflow is a must-have app for those who are constantly looking for ways to save time. It lets you create automatic tasks for the app to take care of when you perform a certain action. You can also easilycreate shortcuts.

  1. Hop

This free email management app is great for those who use multiple accounts. You will get to see all of your emails from different accounts in a ‘news style’ feed. It also enables you to easily share videos, images and large files.

  1. Battery Doctor

One of the most common complaints regarding the iPhone is its battery length. Not only that, the battery can also stop working for no reason at all. While LoveFone iPhone Repair is quick and affordable, first you might want to check out the Battery Doctor app.

  1. Tinder

Looking to meet someone new in 2015? Tinder is a great free app you might want to check out. You can check out profiles anonymously and let people know if you are interested in meeting them for a date.

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