10 Best iPhone Apps You Need to Have!

The sea of apps available for the iPhone itself speaks a lot. That  Android is trying hard to overcome Cupertino, is another story. High-end Smartphone has been a revolution, but no longer a wonder! Supported well by third party application developers, it has now a plethora of applications to choose from for a single utility.

Apps with different grades of functionalities, both priced and free of cost, make iPhone literally a pocket PC. We admit it is a tedious job to choose 10 best apps from an ocean of apps for a single utility.

There are many apps that don’t merit your attention; there are some which wear off your interest within a week or two, some others are entertaining/helpful at times. We choose the ones which will make you wonder how you could manage without them. We have listed a few apps that are favorite with the young and old, and have passed the test of time.

We recommend these sought-after apps in the list for user download. While the majority are free, some ask for an affordable price.

Many favorite apps like YouTube, Maps, Calendar, Facebook, Twitter and Clocks are missing in the list because they don’t need any recommendation. We have also avoided default iPhone apps for obvious reasons. Check out the list and let us have your feedback. Kindly mention if we have missed any app, so we can add it in our future references.


Nowadays, we don’t run about to turn the pages of an encyclopedia for checking out information; its all there in the Wikipedia. This Wikipedia App enables you to be quick and systematic in accessing information. It’s faster and has a chic UI, compared with default web browsing.

Opera Mini

Opera Mini comes to your advantage when the default Safari Browser packed on your iPhone fails. We don’t think Opera Mini is way ahead of Mobile Safari most of the time. It comes helpful when AT&T’s network fully crumbles, pushing your Safari into a stalemate. That’s because Opera Mini works differently from other browsers. Opera, being a proxy browser, doesn’t actually load web pages but it sends request to Opera Servers through which it loads pages and sends them in 80-90% compressed.


Yelp turns out to be the best all-inclusive review app available around. One of the handy tools that come to your rescue when you are in need of finding suitable merchandise nearby. You will realize its real worth when you are in an unfamiliar town looking for some businesses. Now, wandering souls can find a hair dresser when he/she is in Washington DC, lunch out in a nice restaurant while driving through Ohio and no need to even waste your time asking around to find an ‘acupuncturist’ in Austin. See how easy it is!

Also try out the most popular coffee shop in the city listed in Yelp, which you might not have visited. By the way, keep in mind the stress on “popular”, which means it may not necessarily be the “best” in the lot.


When it comes to the dictionary, we cannot wait for the advantage of hopping to the website all the times. This utility app from Dictionary.com has its lexicon saved in phone memory and loads quicker than the website. You can now immediately make up your vocabulary with Dictionary.com app available for a few bucks. The free version of app is also available, though it will not be free from ads.


One of the best utility apps you must have, if you are using phone for personal communication. Skype keeps its standards in iPhone version as well as in PC. 3.0 editions. Skype apps have video calling option and with all other Skype versions one can call or chat with other Skype subscribers free of charge. Buy some Skype credits if you want to call any phone number, landline or mobile. Especially international calls are quite possible with this app.

Awesome Note (+ToDo)

It’s one of the apps which is true to its title! Awesome Note (+ToDo) is just awesome in looks and efficiency. Have this app dedicated in your iPhone for creating notes and organizing your to-do lists. This app is visually appealing and lets users to opt the colors, background images, fonts, and icons they want to employ in their notes. It’s fun to dabble with quite a few options, especially graphical calendar, without compromising on productivity.


One of the best apps around, if you are a ‘Flickr’ fan. This iPhone app boosts the maneuverability of your Flickr account.It helps you expand your photo collection promptly by allowing instantaneous upload of your photos and, of course, you can roam around swiftly on the pictures uploaded by other users.

Angry Birds

I bet no body has ever guessed that a group of angry birds will get you addicted. Unprecedented creativity behind the game is proved by its immense popularity; probably this is the most recognizable casual-mobile game after Bejeweled. Angry birds need players to catapult ‘differently-abled’ birds to destroy evil pigs who have stolen their eggs (how cruel!). With each level, the location changes and the game becomes more intricate and interesting.  It now has its Android and PC version. Try out the free version of Angry Birds before buying one, if you are a novice (cost less than a dollar)


If you don’t know, iPhone 4’s IPS LCD screen is so sharp, not only in display but also under the hood. It can be used for video editing too. Make better use of iPhone 4’s processing abilities with iMovie app, which aids you to edit your footages to form home videos, trip videos and even make fan movies ripped from your favorite movies. It’s absolutely chic and worth 5 bucks, if your editing needs are not very ambitious. But, if you are having a device older than iPhone 4, better don’t lose your money buying one.

NYTimes Crosswords

One of the all-time favorite apps for both the nerdy and joyful gamers! The benefits and the kind of addiction this game brings along with the puzzle are well-known. Now you are free of the hassles of carrying around a newspaper or searching for one. You can now try to (sic) solve out some limited edition Crosswords available for free by app. If you want more, just subscribe @ 3 dollars per month for every brainstorming puzzle published by Times, literally at your finger tips.

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