10 Bizarre College Courses You’ve Never Heard Of

Snigdha  Sandip

Colleges out there have recently incorporated many bizarre courses in their curriculum. These aren’t the classes you will find in your typical online bachelor degree programs. If you read this, you may wonder what the hell they are talking about! But actually it’s true. Some are worth studying, while some may leave you a certain “gobsmacked”. Have fun reading!

The Theology of Eating

As we all know eating is very important for our survival. It is an indispensable part of our life just as God to us.LoyolaCollegecomes with some theological implications in eating. They are ready to give a thought for the indisputable connection between God and food and feel that it is worth researching. They introduce ergo, the exploratory course where students are taught and made aware about ‘complex religious aspects associated with eating’. Wonder if fat people get preference?


There is a course on stupidity as well. The world will have many multi-interpretations on the subject “stupid”. Whatever it is, theOccidentalCollegehas a unique course to offer that studies the various dimensional applications of that subject. The course studies the works of Friedrich Nietzsche and Gilles Deleuze amongst other to elucidate that ‘stupidity is neither ignorance or organicity, but rather, a corollary of knowing and an element of normalcy, the double of intelligence, rather than its opposite’. If it is the case, those who are stupid can better know.

The Joy of Garbage

The name itself is unique. Who can find joy in garbage? The Virginia Matzek ofSanta ClaraUniversitycan. This science class for non-science students, Joy of Garbage is a serious class that conducts research and learns the nature of the Garbage. The most important question in this course is: What is the difference between ‘garbage’, ‘discard’, and ‘waste’? Can you suggest an alternate suitable title for this course?

The Art of Sin and the Sin of Art

The Rhode Island School of Design invites applications from aspiring artists and designers all around the world not to study art or designing but rather they are invited to ‘lust with the saints and burn with the sinners. Yes, it is a course that studies the moral implications visible in art works.  So whoever interested in the subject can join the course for analyzing the moral dimensions of the works of classical as well as modern artists. A bizarre combination of art and morality!

The Art of Walking

We all do walking; to us, it is part of our lives and we don’t find anything peculiar in that. But for Dr. Ken Keffer, Professor of Modern Language atCentre College,Kentucky, it is not a trivial thing. He introduces a course in walking. It is based on the understanding of ‘intelligible and sensual design in inner and outer nature’, first expounded by Immanuel Kant. He usually takes his students for the customary walks to the nearby Perryville Battlefield and the surrounding areas. In addition, Dr Keffer assigns freelance walking assignments for students as an initial step of understanding the subtleties of walking.

The Phallus

Again it’s Occidental College that brings out a novel course of study that delve in  to the depth of human events and in the background of that they analyze the ‘the significance of phallus’ and ‘the relation of the phallus to masculinity, femininity, genital organs and the fetish’. As it is the central theme in the psychoanalytic theories of gender and sexuality, the students dissect its importance in the evolution of human history.

Zombies! – The Living Dead in Literature, Film and Culture

The pioneer of this unique idea is Sean Hoade, Professor of English at theUniversityofAlabamaatTuscaloosa. This course may not blow your mind out because of its undetermined impressions, but it definitely drew parallels between American consumption patterns and Zombies. The professor says that ‘zombies act as a mirror for Americans, not only as we see ourselves but also as the rest of the world sees America in the time of George W. Bush: as a roaming, voracious killer turning its victims into soulless creatures like itself’. What do you think?

A little far fetched, right?

Maple Syrup – The Real Thing

For all those who like Maple syrup, go toAlfredUniversityin the idyllic part ofWesternNew YorkState. There you can study subtleties concerned with the production of maple syrup. The only criterion to study the course is the ‘willingness to work for long periods in snow, cold and mud’. The course study include: dissection of the production techniques invented by the Native Americans which have endured constant change and visits to local producers, restaurants and festivals augmenting the process. Chances of getting placed are much higher with this course.

Philosophy and Star Trek

In Georgetown University, philosophy students study the works of prominent thinkers like Aristotle, Kant and many others. That’s just great, but they do all this under the pretext of understanding ‘the philosophical depths of Star Trek!’ The course gives an introduction to metaphysics and epistemology philosophy and tries to unravel the philosophical questions related to the science fiction entertainment drama. They introduced various unique ways of teaching which were hitherto unknown.

The Unbelievable Whiteness of Barbie

How many of you have thought that “I don’t look like Barbie”? OccidentalCollegetakes up the issue of racism as one of its courses. The course explores the scientific racism in making of the Barbie and scrutinizes the complex discourses on race, sex and gender through Barbie which provides a central figure for this course in exploring broader themes, particularly those of race and social justice.

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