10 high tech accessories for cyclists

Recording while you ride, measuring your performance, communicate with other cyclists and using your phone, high tech accessories for cyclists are becoming more and more popular and with that popularity, the number of accessories are increasing. That’s why choosing the best one is quite hard, and we decided to make it a bit easier to decide with this list of 10 high tech accessories for cyclists.

Biologic Bike Mount



The Biologic Bike Mount is a case that is compatible iPhone 5 allowing you to carry your smartphone while your riding. The case is fixed on the bike handlebar. Robust, it protects your iPhone from bumps and weather.

iMaze Bike Combo Kit


The imaze Bike Combo Kit connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone. The accessory acts as dual sensor and load measuring both your speed and cadence.

Scosche boomBOTTLE


Music lovers can replace their bicycle water bottle by Scosche Bluetooth boomBOTTLE. Its cylindrical jig provided for attachment to a bottle holder. Rugged and waterproof, the enclosure exudes a powerful sound to animate your rides on two wheels.

Cardo BK-1


The Cardo BK-1 is a communication system between cyclists. You can equip up to three people who can be up to 500 meters from each other. Connections are made via Bluetooth and voice system ensures the safety of cyclists.



To charge your phone or mp3 player while pedaling, go with the E-Werk. The accessory is connected to a generator and then attaches to the bicycle frame. You can even control the voltage and current of the device.

Garmin Edge 810


The Garmin Edge 810 is used to record all the information of your bike ride such as average speed or distance traveled. GPS handles offer routes based on your preferences in terms of land or difficulty.

GoCycle G2R


More than an accessory, the Gocycle G2R is a new generation electric bike. It offers a range of 63 km. The use of magnesium guarantees a very light structure of 15.6 kg. For easy storage, the bike is fully collapsible.

GoPro HD Hero3 Black Edition


The GoPro HD Hero3 Black Edition makes HD movies with professional quality. The waterproof case allows use in all weather conditions. You can easily attach the camera to your helmet.

Polar RC3 GPS Tour de France


A GPS watch in the colors of the Tour de France, it’s the essential accessory for cyclists technophiles. The Polar RC3 GPS act as a guide you in your riding. Routes are made ​​available on the website polarpersonaltrainer.com. The watch also displays heart rate and caloric expenditure.

Wahoo Fitness Blue SC


The Wahoo Fitness Blue SC, coupled with the application of the same name, is used to calculate your speed, pace and distance during your bike rides. The accessory connects via Bluetooth and its weatherproof.

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