10 Largest Canyons on Earth

Nothing is more beautiful than the steady corrosive powers of water that their way through solid rock. It will sometimes take millions of years, but eventually rivers will create these incredible and vast natural sculptures. Here is the list of the world’s largest and amazing canyons.


Tara River Canyon – Montenegro

Located in the Durmitor National Park, Tara River Canyon is he deepest river gorge in all of Europe. It is the part of a possible UNESCO World Heritage Site. At its deepest point, the canyon drops to 4,265 feet (1,300 m), thanks to the Tara River that carves through it.


Blyde River Canyon – South Africa

Blyde River Canyon in South Africa may not be the largest on Earth, but it will be the greenest. Boasting an average depth of 2,500 feet, this 16-mile is one of the most incredible vistas in South Africa.


Copper Canyon – Mexico

Chihuahua, Mexico is not just one but six canyons, which are known collectively as Copper Canyon. Barranca del Cobre, as it is called in Spanish, is a whopping 6,164 feet deep.


Cotahuasi Canyon – Peru

There are some canyons in Peru. Cotahuasi Canyon, which plummets to 11,598 feet (3,535 m) at its deepest point, is the first.


Colca Canyon – Peru

The second Peruvian canyon is Colca Canyon. Dropping to a depth of 13,650 feet (4,160 m), this geographical wonder in southern Peru is one of the world’s deepest canyons.


Fish River Canyon – Namibia

Fish River Canyon in Namibia is the largest canyon in Africa. This gigantic river channel measures 1,804 feet deep, and in some places it stretches 17 miles wide.


The Grand Canyon – USA

It may not be the world’s biggest canyon, but definitely it is the biggest in Arizona. Measuring 6,000 feet deep and 277 miles long, this majestic place is one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World.


The Kali Gandaki Gorge – Nepal

The Kali Gandaki River is named after the Hindu goddess Kali. It would be the deepest canyon in the world, with a depth of around 22,309 feet.


Capertee Valley – Australia

The Capertee Valley in New South Wales, Australia is the largest in Australia and is known for its rugged landscape and towering sandstone escarpments. Capertee Valley is wider and about 0.6 miles longer than the Grand Canyon.


Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon – Tibet

Located in the Himalayas, beginning near the sacred Mount Kailash, this canyon with an average depth of 16,000 feet around the mountains of Namcha Barwa, and plunging down to 19,714 feet at one point, the Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon is often considered the deepest canyon on Earth.


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