20 Amazing Wrist Tattoo Designs

Snigdha Sandip

Beauty is such a complicated concept because we all have such different views on what beauty feels and looks like. It is considered the fountain word of life. Today’s one of the most popular beauty trends is tattooing. Tattoo, the beautiful representation of your personal creativity, is now regarded as one of the most popular fads among the youth as well as the aged. Earlier, it was the monopoly of gorgeous ladies now men are also under the sway of tattoos. It is the elegant way of expressing who you are!

If you are ready to suffer a little pain then you will be rewarded with an inked beauty sign marked with infinity on your body…It will be a reflection of your personality. One of the major advantages for wrist tattoos is that you can hide or showoff your tattoo according to your needs. Let’s here showcase different types and styles of tattoos you can crave on your wrist.

Feather Tattoo

Feather tattoo is the highly sought after tattoo among the youth. This tattoo is closely linked with Native American heritage and culture. Whoever wants to represent their Native American heritage, try this! Bright purple feather with a little curve around is such a fine piece of art to wear on wrist.

Nautical Star Tattoo

A nautical star on the left wrist aligned with the thumb is believed to be a positive guide for the future. Other wise in simple ways it can be craved as a symbol of beauty and simplicity. Ink the stars with delight.

Dove on Wrist

Dove, as we all know, represents peace and innocence. It also represents the spiritual side of the life. It also helps to bring out the spiritual thriving as it represents the Holy Spirit and on the other side it can also symbolize hope and peace. Humanitarian side of you speaks aloud the message of peace with a graceful dove flying on your wrist.


Apart from a symbol of beauty, it can also be very meaningful and inspiring. It will be a guiding light in despair. When ever you are in blues, read that and get recharged.

My Daughter’s Name

Everyone wants to remember their loved ones names all the time.  This mother craved nothing but the name of her son…the light of her life.

Into My Wrist


There is no universal meaning to a scissors tattoo. It can mean anything from a hairdresser to symbolizing sewing and needlework to individual meanings. Cut out a new image with your scissors tattoo.

Zombie Wrist

Some may think that zombie wrist tattoos are less attractive as they will evoke fear and darkness. But it is a wild combination of beauty and horror.

RIP papa

RIP papa is to honor the memory of your dead father. It is the simplest and most direct way of honoring a loved one. It is a valuable tattoo which can be treasured forever.

Free bird

Free bird symbolizes freedom and life. The tattoo tells you to be free. Be free from all knots that entangle and suffocate you. Like a flying bird, fly high your dreams.

Wristwatch Tattoos

You may feel the wristwatch tattoo a funny thing. But, everyone needs a watch anyway.

Flower Tattoo

Flower is the representation of beauty and elegance. It symbolizes life and energy. The coolest form of abstract art tattooed as the flower springs up to life on your wrist.

Rose Tattoo

Rose tattoo is popular in western countries just like lotus is popular in eastern countries. Most of us already know that the rose is a symbol of love. The rose has a few different representations. Let your love spread its fragrance all around you with this beautiful rose tattooed on hand.

Lily Tattoo

Lily tattoos have a variety of meanings; white petals represent innocence and purity, while spotted pink blooms may signify sensuality; orange petals, passion. In some countries, it also represents devotional love. A beautiful lily on your wrist is just the way to be.

Butterfly tattoos

The Butterfly tattoo comes in many different variations and colors; it is considered a top tattoo choice by many. The butterfly represents not only beauty itself but also the transitory nature of that beauty and life itself. Let your dreams also dance just like this cute, colorful butterfly on your wrist.

Owl tattoos

Owls have always held a special place in human psyche. An owl tattoo has a huge demand over these because of the various myths and beliefs involved with the same. Be mystic and crave this owl on your wrist, keeping an eye on evil.

Peacock tattoos

Since the peacock is a symbol of beauty, peacock tattoo represents beauty and royalty. The different colors on the peacock feathers represent a fresh mind and a light heart. Give a free play of vibrant colors on your wrist.

Doggie tattoos

Most of the times Dog tattoos are a memorial for our beloved pet, which has passed on. Let others know how much you dear doggie meant to you.

Tree tattoos

Tree has various indications. It symbolizes regeneration and rejuvenation. It also reminds us of the cycle of life.  It stands for fertility and life as well. Shelter your life under a beautiful tree tattoo.

Ribbon tattoos

Tie a pretty ribbon around your wrist for the new look to reveal.

Bee Wrist Tattoos

When you think of the bee, the first thing that comes to your mind is honey. It always signifies the sweetest part of our life. Turn your head to the buzzing bee on your wrist; let the world know about you.

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