20 Must Have Apps Queued Up for You

Aditya Divakaran

If you are lucky enough to own a prestigious iPhone, and don’t have the apps that define the unique iPhone experience, it will be quite a tragedy. We wouldn’t let you – our readers – to continue on such a sober experience despite having an impeccable phone at your disposal. Here we hand pick for you 20 apps that spread over a range of functions that a standard user will find absolutely useful.

Angry Birds

This strategic bird game needs no intro. As far as we learn, almost every touch-phone has it, and we know customers who are just going for a touchscreen gadget just for this game. It debuted on iOS in 2009 and then took the mobile gaming world by storm.


This age-old board game transcends the borders of technology to an iPhone app developed by Hasbro. It is a fun game, which you can play involving any generation. Online rivals, learning tools, cheater mode are the pluses of the digital version.

Plants v. Zombies

This best seller game has many takers. Plotline and game play is simple but yet addictive. We have to get rid of a dangerous Zombie attack with some specific plants in our garden. Its fun!


In simple words, this is a great eatery finder. If you are in a city of less acquaintance, you can lean on the Yelp app to explore the list of detailed eating options in the vicinity powered by user reviews. Apart from restaurant, you can also find a whole lot of other on-the-road necessities, such as bars, banks, drugstores, and gas stations.

Weather Channel

There is more to the Weather Channel app than the current temperature and recent highs and lows. You can keep tabs of the weather forecast on an hourly, daily and weekly basis. This free app can be of better use than Apple’s default weather app.


You cannot say no to the iPhone app version world’s biggest user created encyclopedia. Information of various kinds is on your fingertip and there is no other app to replace it.  A more recent option of location tracking will allow user to know whatever has happened around his/her immediate location in the past.

Google Earth      

This satellite powered app helps you locate yourself if you are stuck in an unknown place, and lets you browse through the aerial view of locality. Just imagine one-third of the world’s land mass is all ready to be explored on your iPhone screen and you will know what you are missing.


You can find almost all functionality of the online shopping website on this suave app, like; adding products to your shopping cart, tracking status of the orders, or browsing the full range of products. Barcode scanning allow you instant comparison of the prices of the product. Shopping is made further easy with the iPhone Amazon app.


This app features two post-modern techniques like “Bump Phones” to transact money between two PayPal phones by simply bumping the phones together and depositing checks to the account by just taking a picture of them. PayPal iPhone edition app may win you over if you hate the long queue in banks and sluggish online bank transactions.


If you are anxious about your health, may be this app can help you to avoid the fret or forewarn about a disease. This Online Medical Encyclopedia app could foretell disease based on the symptoms. As you know, informed patient is often a better patient.


Sound Hound will let you know the name of the song just a few seconds of hearing a track. This amazing app do absolutely well even in a disturbing ambience, like in a bar crowd or a casual conversation. Now gear up to find plagiarism in the latest track your friend claims that he composed himself. App is absolutely free.


If iPhone default camera is digi-cam, Camera+ app is a Digital SLR. This $1.99 will let you capture frames in a professional style. Add to it burst mode for action shots, an image stabilizer, and options for crops, borders, color tints and retro effects; we will say money is well spent.

Photoshop Express

As the name indicates this is a simplified version of Photo editing for your iPhone. However don’t expect as much jargon as in the original Photoshop. This has enough facilities for basic editing of your pictures.

ESPN’s Score Center

A must have app for Sports buffs. This free app will update you with latest scores and news in sports world. Browse through almost infinite information on your favorite leagues, teams and players. You can customize the app to feature your favorite teams and sports on top.


The largest resource for film comes in the form of a racier iPhone app now. IMDb app will provide you with all the tidbits of a film plus gives you critical reviews. You can buy DVD’s of a flick through an Amazon link or get informed about the show times of the film in your neighborhood cinemas.


Kindle app will let you access a burgeoning number of books at the Amazon store, but for some bucks. Free classics, varying text sizes, word look-ups, free sample chapters and never out-of-stock eBooks in the store will soon revolutionize the habits of reading. Appears that you can have the function of an Amazon Kindle eBook reader with this free iPhone app.


We think you don’t need an intro about this app. Elaborating on it will be just a blatant underestimation of our readers.  Just go for it.


The social networking app is second to Facebook and is a must to have a short yet informative updates of news, entertainments and celebrity babbles.


This app empowers the voice communication aspect of your iPhone. Rather than the Apple’s FaceTime video chatting feature that works only on Wi-Fi, this app can also set-up video chat with other Skype users via a 3G connection. Budget calling plans, built-in instant messaging and CD clarity sound are the other pluses.


This one may not be a new app but has recently reaped great deal of popularity with its unique modus operandi. Download this app for free, log-in and announce to the world where you are, which may be a restaurant, cinema hall, park or even a shopping mall. If you are often checking into some place you will be announced as the ‘Mayor’, which often brings along discounts from that particular place.

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