$26,000 Value Glass Pool Table

The most obvious place you would go to have a game of pool is down the local pub; well you would be in for a shock if you came across this particular pool table one. The no smoking and drinking sign makes you want to laugh. Honestly what is the point?


Maybe the designers of this table should have done their homework and used g-1 Nottage design. At least that pool table can be used by its fans with a drink in their hand as they used a specific type of resin that protects it from water and beer spillage. A step up from the dirty green suede it can be cleaned without any damage. A glorious thing like this would set you set you back $26,000 mind you for that price I’d lock in a safe.

Let’s just hope the glass is shatter proof because those balls can do some damage. It cost $26,000 dollars to buy but how much would it cost to repair?

Cheaters be ware you hands can be seen a mile off now so play fair.

The great news is the rules are the same so you can still go ahead and play the old traditional pub game.

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