3D Geomapping Company Earthmine Lets You ‘Tag’ Buildings

Technology.am (May 21, 2009) — Earthmine, a geomapping company is launching a demo site called Wild Style City, which allows users to paint graffiti on buildings it has mapped in San Francisco.

3dgeomapping1Earthmine app lets you navigate a street-view level of San Francisco, and tag certain buildings, in certain places, with paintbrush, marker, and roller tools. Then people who come after you also see your tags.

Earthmine, Chief Strategy Officer Paul Smith tells, maps every pixel on every image in three dimensions, using technology licensed from Caltech. The every pixel is mapped means that as you jump between panorama views, the annotations painted onto a building on one also show up on the other.

Earthmine’s data set theoretically will allow the company to create real 3D maps of cities. The capability to slew through street view data, as opposed to jumping through pictures, as is offered now, is a bit of a way off.

To view the Wild Style City, in which a user need only hold up a smart phone to a building to see how other users have tagged it, will not be shown until the Earthmine geolocation API for the iPhone comes out later in the summer.

Earthmine isn’t just about mapping pictures, though. It makes money by selling its 3D geomapping tools that can be used for cataloging public resources (trees, fire hydrants, driveways, etc.), and for creating geo apps that aren’t necessarily Google Maps competitors.

Wild Style City is just a demo. Target customers include global governments, local emergency and city planning agencies, and anyone who wants to make their own consumer-facing street view or virtual reality application.

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