3D Graphics via Web browsers

Technology.am (Sept. 23, 2009) — After the development of improved 3D graphics in Web-based applications, programmers began building WebGL into the Mozilla Firefox nightly, and into WebKit, which is used in Google Chrome and Apple’s Safari browser.

3dThe WebGL (Web Graphics Library) is an emerging open-source standard specification that follows on from Mozilla’s earlier project Canvas 3D, which aimed to display 3D graphics via Web browsers without the need for special plug-ins.

WebGL aims to allow web-based software to use the power of the computer’s hardware-accelerated graphics to produce superior 3D graphics to rival offline software applications.

WebGL will allow people to use Web-based versions of 3D software for playing games or running applications such as Google Earth.

Coupled with JavaScript in the browser, the new technology will allow for fully 3D Web-based applications.

The WebGL project is overseen by the Khronos Group, which manages all OpenGL applications.

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