3jam Competes Head-to-Head with Google Voice

Technology.am (Aug. 1, 2009) — A California based company 3jam announced an open beta of its new voice forwarding and transcription service that may be an alternative of Google Voice.

3jam3jam offers many of the same core features offered by Google Voice, but it is having a few features that Google Voice doesn’t, like the ability to receive calls on Skype, AOL, and Yahoo Messenger. It means incoming calls can ring simultaneously on your phone, IM or Skype.

Unlike Google Voice, 3jam gives you the option of choosing one or more phone numbers.

Unlike Google Voice, you can preserve your original phone number by porting it over to 3jam’s service.

3jam enables free text messaging from the web and enables multi-party text message conversations. It converts text messages to e-mail copy, allowing you to receive and respond to SMS messages via e-mail.

With its provision of multiple phone numbers, 3jam hopes to leverage its SMS strength by offering users the ability to text groups of people at one of those permanent group numbers.

3jam also supports voice-to-text machine transcription and SMS routing. It’s a premium service and is available internationally in an open beta, but Google Voice is only available in the U.S.

However, 3jam has not yet incorporated some of Google Voice’s more advanced call filtering features, like call screening, call blocking, and listening in, while 3jam doesn’t offer any similar features. And 3jam costs money, with plans starting at around $5 a month on the other hand Google Voice is free for most features.

The 3jam beta costs $4.99 with a 12-month subscription. A three-month bundle costs $5.99, and you’ll pay $8.99 for one month. The charge won’t include texting rates, which 3jam will tack on for $5 to $20 per month.

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