4 Ways to Stay More Motivated in the Workplace

2015 strikes and many of us make New Year resolutions. Being motivated to work and at work is one resolution that many people will attempt to make. But the question is, how do we keep ourselves motivated through the depths of winter, especially when deadlines are hard pressing, bosses are more demanding and overtime hours go deep into the night?

4 Ways to Stay More Motivated in the Workplace

#1 Love your job, or try to

Some people just do a job for the sake of it, but enjoying what you do really does have an impact on how you work and what your outlook is. According to business2community.com, the 2013 Philips Work/Life Study found 68% of workers commented that they would be willing to take a pay cut in order to get a job that better fit their individual interests. So, if you’re up for it, why not search for a new job, if yours doesn’t suit anymore? Remember that the competitive workplace is fierce and jobs can be sparse, so don’t run to hand in your notice until you have something else lined up. If quitting your job isn’t an option, as it is too much of a big move, then try and look at your job in a different way and think about what you like about it. Do you enjoy your team? Do you like the hours you work? Do you have a nice place to work? Highlight the positives and shake off negative feelings.

#2 Connect with your team

Sometimes, office work in particular can be isolating. Try and shake things up a bit by suggesting different programs that the team could use to work more productively. Look outside the box and try and break away from what you are used to. There are plenty of cloud storage or sharing programs that allow teams to work from any location seamlessly, cutting out a lot of the legwork of postage or arranging meetings. With programs like thruinc.com, you can share files ad hoc securely without needing to worry about security. In this way, you may be able to work at a much more productive level, working from home if your boss allows it, and your team could thank you for it.

Make sure you have face to face interactions too though, to help maintain relationships and keep you firmly in the core of the team.

#3 Plan your personal time

Work is important, but planning your personal time can give you motivation to get through the darker winter months. How about planning a holiday, a mini break or a trip out somewhere?

#4 Speak to your boss

Got a problem? Speaking to your boss can help you to get things off your mind. Although daunting for some, addressing problems head on can be the key to releasing anxiety and keeping you motivated throughout the year. Your boss should want to listen to you and address these problems so that he or she can create a more productive workplace.

It could be something as simple as replacing your desk or chair with something more comfortable, or integrating new work programs so that time can be saved in certain business activities.

Bearing in mind some of these motivation tips can get you through what seems like a long year – but remember there are hundreds of other tips you can try, too. Check online for motivation websites and read about in depth solutions to helping you achieve a better work year.


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