5 Tips for Running a 2014 Digital Marketing Agency

With the advancement of technology, digital marketing businesses are growing more and more each day. Customers look to digital marketers to help them build and expand their brand. But not only do digital marketing businesses need to help others, they also need to assure that they handle their own business correctly too. We spoke to Haris at EBS Marketing a prestigious agency based in Manchester for advice on running a Digital Marketing agency in 2014. You can also check out their Facebook page here – EBS Marketing.

1. Know Your Market


Haris stated that the Tech industry is continually changing. While years ago you could expect the next hot wave of new products to last a few months, it now seems as if popular trends change within just a few days (if they are lucky enough to last that long). That said, it is important to keep up with new trends and the information that goes with them. This can be difficult for a digital marketing agency, but its best to assign individual employees to each trend and then have group meetings to gather all of the information. When clients are looking to hire your team, they will want to assure that you know everything about their industry. By keeping up with trends such as new Twitter marketing, trends you’ll assure your clientele that you are continually ahead of the industry when it comes to creating advanced marketing techniques.

2. Specialisation


The first tip informs you to know a variety of different new trends and popular products. While this is true, it is also important to realize that a company who is continually reliable and dependent in one specific topic is also very valuable. If your company is great at one specific marketing technique, boast about that to your clients and be sure to continually expand on that market. While some potential clients may choose your team because of the variety of techniques you use, other clients will choose you because they specifically want to market with one technique and your group may be the best route to go.

3. Market Yourself


For EBS marketing they feel that the best way a digital marketing agency can prove that it can help others, is to effectively marketing themselves. If potential clients see that you maintain a strong presence for your own company, they will want to work with you. This is because they will trust that you know what your doing; but also because they believe they will be able to piggyback off of the successful marketing that you have. The more clients you build, the bigger your network will be. This in turn allows you to help your clients continue to grow as well.

4. Monitor What’s Worth It


As a digital marketing agency such as EBS, it is important to watch what you are doing and how rewarding your efforts may be. If you are putting effort and time into a particular technique, but it is not fruitful, it is probably best to cut back and utilise that energy elsewhere. On the other hand, if something seems to be increasingly popular and you do not have enough team members to work on it, monitoring the situation will allow you to quickly add team members to that particular element of marketing.

5. Reward Your Employees and Yourself


Because digital marketing can be done from work, home or pretty much anywhere with your computer or smartphone, sometimes we forget to turn everything off and just relax for a few minutes. It always seems that there is another email, a new client, or something important to expand on before turning your computer off. That said, be sure to take some time away for yourself and your employees. Organize company events and show your team that they are valuable. By doing so, it will reenergize their spirits and let them know how valuable they are to your team.

A digital marketing agency can be a very fruitful venture in today’s technology age. That said, you should be prepared for all that comes with the work. Every day new clients are looking for agencies to help them market their product. And with proper utilization of these five tips, you can show potential clients that you are the best choice to choose.

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