5 Useful and Free Software From Microsoft

Microsoft products are the most used software in the entire world. This applies to most of the enterprise level software from Microsoft which include the Operating System (Windows) and the Office suite (Microsoft Office). Microsoft even gives good security solutions like Microsoft Security Essentials which can be helpful in keeping the computer safe and secure. Some people think that Microsoft only releases paid software. They don’t know that Microsoft has a very large list of free software which is equally useful and can serve as alternatives to popular third party paid software. I am listing down some of the most useful yet not widely used free software from Microsoft. You are free to add to this list of free software from Microsoft in the comments.

Fix it Center

If you are not a power user of Windows but want to solve your own problems regarding Windows, Fix it Center is the perfect tool for you. Microsoft has recently launched this online tool which lets you troubleshoot your computer in a step by step way which is a very good and easy approach for not so techy users. The motto of Fix it Center is Click, Click, Fixed. Fix it Center gives personalized yet automated solutions to every user. In the end, the user just gets the solution file, running the file on the computer will fix the problem.

Visit Fix it Center

Windows System State Analyzer and Monitor

These are two different software for almost the same purpose, Windows System State Analyzer and Windows System State Monitor. This can be a very useful tool if you want to monitor your computer for changes in files and the overall state of the system. Windows System State Analyzer can analyze two different system states. You will get a custom report of the differences in each system state recorded by Windows System State Analyzer. Windows System State Monitor can be useful for continuously recording what’s going on in the system. You must have .NET Framework installed in order for these software tools to be installed in the system. These tools work on Windows XP and above.


Microsoft Photosynth is an online application for creating and sharing photo panoramas and 3D models. A panorama photo is created using a series of images which can be attached adjacent to each other in such a way that it creates 360 degrees of photo view. A Windows Live account is required in order to use Photosynth. You can create Windows Live account for free and using Photosynth is also free but you have to use it online.

Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder is a very simple and free tool from Microsoft for recording Desktop screens. Although there are many third party tools available for this job, the beauty of Screen Recorder is its simplicity. It is extremely easy to use and even a newbie can operate it like a Pro.

Download Screen Recorder

Mouse without Borders

Mouse without Borders is another handy tool from Microsoft which is free. Mouse without Borders can be used to control multiple computers with a single mouse and keyboard. The computers should be on the same local network in order for Mouse without Borders to detect the computers. Although there are free third party tools available for this purpose but Mouse without Borders can be handy in the sense that you can easily use the copy, paste commands across computers. You can also drag and drop files and folders across computers using Mouse without Borders.

Download Mouse without Borders

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