The 50 Best Business Blogs of 2009 (Jan 3, 2010) — The last two years saw a considerable increase in the number of financial blogs. The economic depression and subsequent recovery have added to the interest in these blogs. While it is difficult to rank them, it is possible to make a list of the most popular and effective blogs.

Many of them cover some particular aspect of the business world and are the favourites in that category. For instance, marketing professionals would love to read Seth Godin’s blog. There are also biases based on region because what is written in one country may have little or no significance in others. However, some are able to breach that wall and write universally. Then there are a few which feature almost everything in business. This is a compilation of the 50 best business blogs of 2009.

1. The Conscience of a Liberal


Nobel laureate Paul Krugman’s The Conscience of a Liberal is as read as his columns.

2. Blog Maverick


Mark Cuban’s good leisurely blog with a good number of hits. Times Online, Strategist News and Wikio have named it as one of the best business blogs.

3. Freakonomics


Following the success of the book of the same name, which sold 4 million copies, Stephen J Dubner and Stephen D Levitt started blogging on the New York Times website. One of the most enjoyed blogs in the business world, it also features guest bloggers.

4. Seth Godin’s blog


Categorized as a blog focused on marketing, this block boats of a monthly readership of 200,000.

5. Consumerist


For anything that consumers would like to know, there’s nothing beyond this blog.

6. Calculated Risk


In the beginning of the year, the blog by Bill McBride saw an amazing 75,000 hits a day. One of the early predictors of the US housing bubble.

7. Greg Mankiw’s blog


Meant for students of economics, this blog makes some interesting observations about columns, theories and writings of many.

8. Naked capitalism


Yves Smith’s blog offers insight into insurance, investment banking and government policies.

9. The Becker-Posner blog


It’s amazing that there should another blog called anti-Becker-Posner blog. That just shows the popularity of the original blog by Nobel Prize winner Gary S Becker and Richard A Posner.

10. TechCrunch


A widely read blog, it chronicles technology companies, focusing mainly on Internet products. It is subdivided into many sections, covering specific companies.

11. Seeking Alpha


A blog and website aimed at generating analysis and opinion about investment. The blog has articles from investors rather than journalists.

12. The Big Picture


A wonderfully user-friendly blog, there are many features to interest the reader. Barry Ritholtz’s blog has pieces on the economy, markets, technology and digital media.

13. Penelope Trunk’s Brazen Careerist


A career advice blog, this is the third product of Trunk’s internet-friendly mind. About 40,000 people subscribe to the blog, thanks to its unique style of writing and comprehensive career tips.

14. Global Economic Analysis


Mike Shedlock or Mish writes this blog, which covers economy and stocks. With updates every day, it is a must-be for those looking to invest in stocks.

15. The Baseline Scenario


Here is a blog which comes with an aim of forming ‘concrete policy proposals.’ A widely-read blog with three authors – Peter Boone, Simon Johnson and James Kwak.

16. PharmaGossip


As the name suggests, it is the most popular blog in the pharmaceutical sector. It has a fun theme as the description explains. ‘Looking beyond the spin of Big Pharma PR. But encouraging gossip.’

17. DealBook


A New York Times blog and news service, it reaches readers through subscription or through the website. Many columnists feature on the blog.

18. Econlog


This is hosted by the Library of Economics and Liberty. The entries are written by Arnold Kling, Bryan Caplan and David Henderson. It goes beyond finance to even history and films.

19. Curious Capitalist


A general business blog by Time, written by Justin Fox and Barbara Kiviat.

20. The Practice of Leadership


It is aimed to help apply leadership principles to work and life. The author is George Ambler.

21. Jonathan’s blog


A casual and fun blog discussing technology and learning. The blog carries large illustrations when the topic is gadgets.

22. The Economist blogs


The various blogs of the Economist, specific in content, are read by many. One of the most popular in the lot is Gulliver, which is about business travel.

23. Marginal Revolution


The blog is written by economics professors Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok. The blog boats of 6 million readers, according to an LA Times article.

24. Abnormal Returns


As on many other blogs these days, readers get a chance to read some of the best investment blogs of the day on Tadas Viskanta’s Abnormal Returns’ linkfest.

25. Pharmalot


Ed Silverman writes Pharmalot, with news on the pharmaceutical industry. A lot of space is also dedicated to lawsuits and regulations around the sector.

26. Edelman’s blog


Richard Edelman’s personal blog, called Six AM, is the best in the sphere of public relations.

27. Springwise


The newsletter is read by many who are in the mood for entrepreneurship. It tracks new ventures, concepts and idea. The ideal fodder for a young entrepreneurial mind.

28. All Roads lead to China


Written by Richard Brubaker, the blog provides insight into China, and the marketing and business strategies to be used by a company which has its sights on China.

29. Toilet Paper Entrepreneur


Just like the book, Mike Michalowicz’s blog opens the reader’s eyes to the most interesting entrepreneurial ideas.

30. The Oil Drum


A blog community dedicated to discussing about oil and other energy resources.

31. The Franchise King Blog


Joel Libava’s blog, where he talks candidly about franchising. Handy for franchise owners.

32. Learned on Women


Andrea Learned writes this blog, which aims to help companies think about marketing strategies focused on women.

33. Carpe Diem


Mark J Perry offers his opinions on finance and economics. He also covers news of the day.

34. The Rat and Mouse


London’s property blog, which also has a window to help search appropriate spaces.

35. Luxist


This blog covers luxury products. They write passionately about jewellery, cars, watches and the like.

36. My Retirement blog


A practical blog trying to tell you ways to reach an early retirement.

37. 24/7 Wall St


It has a huge 35 postings on a single day and has readership across the globe.

38. Random Roger


The author, Roger Nusbaum, has five other blogs too. This one is about stocks, ETFs and portfolio management.

39. Zero Hedge


Contributed by four authors, the blog is dedicated to investment and hedge funds.

40. White Sun of the Desert


A blog on natural resources written by a British expat.

41. Unemploymentality


Rising in popularity with the recessions and job cuts. It explores the creativity of the human mind between job loss and finding meaning in life.

42. Infectious Greed


Paul Kedrosky writes about finance in general and investment in particular.

43. Adland


Claims to be the world’s first advertising blog and now has 90,000 members.

44. Sramana Mitra’s blog


Writes about entrepreneurship and positioning in the market. She examines the strategies of companies, putting her experience as strategic consultant to good use.

45. The Talk Talk Blog


With entries from Charles Dunstone and members of the team, it delves into the telecom market.

46. Bankers Ball


A site for investment bankers. It often quotes heavyweight bankers and also divulges a lot of otherwise-unavailable information.

47. Macro Man


Maintain anonymity so that he can write openly about government and company policies, along with trading and investment.

48. Going Private


It is an interesting blog about private equity.

49. Mint blog


Offering personal finance products, the blog details methods to help you save money and invest in the right places.

50. How to Change the World


Guy Kawasaki writes this blog with the tagline, ‘A practical blog for impractical people.’

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