6 Healthy Habits That are Bad for You

What we think healthy, may not always be healthy.  You may think that good sleep, exercise and healthy food will keep you on the right track. But in contrast, it has more complicated effects than you think. The very choices we make to better our health may not always favor us. Read below to know the unexpected effects of our so called “good habits”.

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Continuously using hand wash

It is always better to use hand sanitizer only if you are in a germ-prone place like hospital. Hand washes that contain triclosan may promote bacteria and virus resistance to antibiotic medications. So avoid using such hand washes. Instead, use brands like Purell which contain at least 60% alcohol killing 99% of bacteria on contact.

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Constant change in skin care products

We are so tempted to try various skin care products available in the market which guarantee a glowing skin. We are ready to experiment with any new skin care products but we lack the patience to wait for the results. Normally, it will take 6 months to get any result. But with our impatience we will immediately go for another product. The constant change in the products may cause adult rosacea. It is a skin condition that may result in red, patchy and sometimes inflamed skin. The skin will also become sensitive due to this use of different products. The best way is to stick to what is best for you. If you are not sure about it, then consult your dermatologist. Don’t expect an over-night miracle especially with the anti-aging products. Always remember to keep your skin clean and smooth.

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Doing the same amount of workouts

We all believe that doing some cardio workout will burn out our fat and will make us fit and fine. But the reality is, if you perform the same cardio every day your body may become accustomed to this and will start to burn less fat over time. Another important thing is that repeated action on the thread mill will make your muscle tight and may cause injury. Rather, follow a circuit training which involves doing different kinds of exercises with out much gap between them as it will keep your heart rate up and will burn your fat. You have to incorporate resistance training into your daily workouts as it will create muscle mass that will help you burn more calories all through the day.

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Drinking only bottled water

As a safety precaution you may always prefer bottled water to tap water. The problem is bottled water is devoid of fluoride and today, we see more and more people suffer from a fluoride deficiency. It can lead to tooth decay later on. As an alternative, you can drink purified water. Thus, you can drink pure water with the benefits of fluoride.

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Cleaning with antibacterial cleansers

In order to make your home germ-free, you may use cleansers that boast antibacterial or disinfecting properties, but in effect you are actually inviting disease. Yes, a chemical used in these antibacterial cleansers called quaternary ammonium compounds may cause asthma. Other harmful chemicals in the disinfecting products include 2-butoxyethanol and alkylphenol ethoxylates which may lead to cancer and hormone imbalance. So next time when you buy, always go for an eco-friendly one. And always try to keep your home clean and neat. Get rid of the germs by cleaning daily without giving a chance for bacteria growth.

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Unnecessary use of the nutritional supplements

We think that the more we take vitamins and minerals the more healthy we are, right? But it may not always be that way. People often consume nutrient supplements without knowing that whether they really need it. We consume these even if we don’t have any nutritional deficiencies. Consuming Vitamin A in large amount may be deadly to the fetus. Vitamin C in large quantity may lead to gastrointestinal distress as well as interfere with glucose readings in people on diabetes medications and Vitamin B6 can lead to nerve damage. It is always better to take healthy food instead of nutrient supplements.





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