7 iPad Apps That Make Note Taking Easy: Which One is Yours?

With a fabulous gadget like iPad available, it will be a shame if you haven’t made the most of its maneuverability. Are you sure you have the right applications to utilize the compact size, quick responses and multi-touch screen of iPad?

If you haven’t given a good notice yet, Apple’s super smooth tablet iPad is a best tool for all kinds of note taking, brainstorming and scribbling. May be you can use a chic stylus for taking notes from a lecture or draw diagrams with you fingers in a board meeting, iPad comes handy. You only have to make sure that you are having the right apps and accessories to make this done.

And it is high time that you dump your notebook, your post-its and your Dictaphone to change your foot to the iPad era. We will let you get acquainted with some marvelous apps devised to make the note taking/ drawings quite easy.

Notes Plus

It is one of the most popular note taking app available for iOS, backed with nice reviews in iTunes. It excels in the productivity sector and is capable of handwriting, typing and audio recording. This means you can record audio and take notes at the same time. It’s superior to the default iPad note taking. Notes Plus is equipped with stroke smoothing for legible handwriting and vector shape auto detection to draw geometric shapes with ease.

Note Taker HD

This is another app available for note taking as well as brainstorming and drawing diagrams. It can be easily worked using a stylus or finger. It allows you to write and then shrink the text to fit with the screen. It’s easy to move within the notes with the pinch and zoom hand gestures. You can also easily edit the text using a handy eraser feature. Besides, you will also find good the functionalities like image editing, customizable shapes and backgrounds and cut/copy/paste between different pages and notes.


iTunes claims this app to be distinct than any other note taking apps, as it can detect and memorize your writing style and likely clears of the any mistakes and missing bits of text as you scribbles along quickly. It is designed with many special gestures for cutting, copying, pasting and inserting special characters ideal for writing with hand. Also coming with the app is a spell checking feature as well as an auto-corrector and a Shorthand Editor. It has got direct link ups to email, twitter and Facebook if you want to send or share your notes. If your devise is Wi-Fi enabled, well you can transfer your notes to other devices as well.


As the name implies, this app is not centered around note talking, though you can make one using this. Ideate lets your creativity flow through variety of sketches, doodle making, brainstorming or any other visual creativities. It has templates for ease of starting the work, but you can always choose blank or any images from gadget memory or from internet. That apart, you will be equipped with customizable features like changing the size, style and color of your pens and choosing different drawing materials. It is also integrated with Twitter and even Flickr for sharing you creation with social networks.


Though it sounds sophisticated in name and appearance, you can basically define this app as a simple and intuitive note taking and doodling software. It comes with a digitally handy welcome notebook to acquaint you with different features. Features like customizable background style, different kinds of inks and styles of pen as well as a useful eraser serve for your artistic side. You can also organize your notes, ideas, brainstorms and doodles in a series of notebooks marked for different categories, topics or projects. Easy browsing facility of the app lets you have an infinite number of pages in each notebook. And when it comes to sharing the note you can convert it easily to a PDF document, and share it via email of iTunes file sharing.


It’s another comprehensive note taking app available in iTunes store. You can literally do anything you can do with paper and a pen on this app. It also avails features like your notes, doodles and sketches are kept within virtual notebooks. You can convert PDF’s into note books and vice versa with this iPad App. SmartNote features a smoothing and clear writing option to make your handwriting look neat and legible. It delightfully has a palm ignoring feature, which means you can work on making notes without worrying about resting your hand or arm anywhere on the screen making any unnecessary marks or smudges. Other goodies include customizable paper texture, pen size and email sharing options.

Scribbie Basic

The name gives us enough clues about this app. Scribbie basic is literally an entry level app compared to the other note making giants on this list. If you are in requirement of simple note taking without hassles of fancy features, we honestly recommend this app. It serves all the basic needs including recording audio and drawing detailed diagrams. And if you are compelled to share your notes, you can do it via iTunes.

3 thoughts on “7 iPad Apps That Make Note Taking Easy: Which One is Yours?

  • December 23, 2011 at 6:31 am

    I love the scribbie basic. It helps a lot on my task. I love it.

  • March 6, 2012 at 6:04 am

    interesting how those apps from the begining of the iPad did make it until now in the TOP ranking on the AppStore. well most of them.
    On my side, I’ve been testing a lot of notes apps for business and quite frankly, I had a hard time finding one the would save me time.
    I just discovered http://www.beesapps.com/beesy-ipad-to-do, an iPad To-Do app , that seems to have understand note taking nad project management from a business perspective. I tried it for a few days and for the moment I’m quite thrilled, even a bit too powerful at the beginning. One great thing I’ve been appreciating: it reuses my notes / tasks from the meeting in the To-Do manager. Huge time saver.
    Only drawback so far: the lack of iPhone sync at the moment but the devs at http://www.beesapps.com said they’re on it for a future release.

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  • August 27, 2012 at 9:29 am

    My essential business app on iPad to organize my work and take minutes is Beesy . It helps me to organize my day with tasks, toDo list automatically generated. Very useful also in meetings to don’t miss a thing. You can add quickly and easily every tasks during meetings. You can also send your meeting report at the end by mail. I hightly recommend it

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