A Quick Guide to Setup Infolinks on Your Blog

As a blogger, isn’t it just irritating to find adverts of Fast food on your own blog when you are promoting a healthy lifestyle or worse still find adverts of car on sale when you are prompting your readers to go green? Dear blogger, please do not blame yourself for this mishap, since it is the banner Ad Service you are using that has to take the blame. Luckily, there is something you can do to ensure that all information on your blog or website is relevant, inclusive of the ads. What you are looking for is called Infolinks.

Established in 2007, Infolinks aims at delivering the most relevant ads to your visitors and therefore also ensures that its advertisers target the right audience. It achieves this by analysing the content on your site and inserting advertising links into your content, something that your visitors are more likely to click to find out more, rather than a popping ad box or a flashing banner on the side.

The honest side of the story is that people are so used to Banner ads by now, that they have trained themselves to ignore such spaces on websites. Infolinks calls this ‘banner blindness’ and considers it to be biggest hindrance in publishers. The method that Infolinks uses for placing adverts not only helps your readers find related content, which they will be thankful for, but also helps you since more clicks on your site, means more revenue for you.


Another drawback with banner adverts is the time placement of advertisements. While banner ads usually manage to deliver relevant content at a latter point in time (after they have finished analysing the cookies on the user’s computer), Infolinks uses a smarter method to deliver adverts in real time, based on the content of the site and also its intent, something that banner adverts have difficulty comprehending.

So, if your reader is reading a recipe online, the advert from Infolinks will probably lead your visitor to an online grocery store where your reader can source ingredients for. A banner advert on the other hand, would prompt your reader about a hotel booking or car towing service that he/she had looked for a couple of days ago. The real time functioning of Infolinks advertising platform adds the relevancy to online adverts that banner adverts have failed to deliver so far.

The proprietary platform that Infolinks uses is called Infolinks Intent Intelligence or In. In addition to determining the Intent of the content, the powerful algorithm also manages the ad space of Infolinks units. The good news for publishers is that the ad space works on an auction model and allows publishers to maximise their earnings, depending on the demand and supply of content.

Unlike the traditional advertising systems, where your earnings are more or less standardized, the Infolinks platform rewards you for being unique and speaking about a particular niche. So, if the demand for ad space for your niche is high, you get paid more for the ads clicked. Infolinks also understands how different publishers prefer to place adverts differently on their sites.


With different themes and different styles of presenting information, a single sized format just does not suit all websites. This is exactly why Infolinks offers a range of different types of advertisement modes to their publishers. While the standard in text adverts are the focal points of Infolinks platform, publishers can also opt for an infold style that overlays content at the bottom of the screen.

If that is something, you do not wish to force onto your visitors, there is always the option of inserting ads along with the keywords of your content. This option lets you place ads along your content without being too overt about it. Else, if you believe that visual ads will do well to drive engagement with your users, then you can also opt for the ‘inframe’ style of ads that wonderfully maximize the margins of your site.

The good thing about Infolinks is that it works across various platforms in the online world, which also includes the ever increasing mobile systems such as tablets and smartphones. So, not only can advertisers their target audience as per requirements of their campaign, publishers get the advantage of maximizing revenue from all possible channels from your site.

For publishers, Infolinks also offers a real time app to analyse the performance of their site. This app is available on iOS as well as Android platform, which allows users of the app to analyse performances even on the go. With so many options available, it is no surprise that Infolinks caters to 100k websites in over 128 countries around the world. Maximising the potential of adverts, for advertisers as well as publishers, it is definitely a platform worth trying and something we strongly recommend to our users.


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