A Recap on 2011′s Top 10 Technological Winners and Losers

A popular quote says “When I thought about the evils of spending too much on technologies/gadgets this New Year, I gave up thinking”. Such has been the temptation for new technology year-after-year. The 2011 was not a bad year with lots of technology offers and that has led to great anticipation for the 2012 as well.

Here, let us briefly run through a variety of gadgets / technology stuff that has creamed the year 2011. Now, as all of us are well aware of these products and their features, this article is going to be more of a recap or a recollection of technology in 2011.

Let us first have a look at the top winners of 2011.

The Winner’s List

A technological winner is not always the one with a great number of specifications and features, the greater part of its success lies in its user-friendliness.

Here is the list of the top seven winners of the year 2011. Let us kick off with the world-famous iPad 2.

The iPad 2


ipad 2

It goes without saying that Apple’s happy days just continued in the 2011 as well. The 2nd generation iPad was much identical to the 1st generation but had undergone few changes which were enough for its smashing hit.

Our Say-

Whatever Apple touched seems to turn into gold. With 11 million iPad sales just in the last quarter, it was yet another Apple cake for the Apple Company.

The iPhone 4S


iPhone 4S

Apple might have kept its fans waiting for the most rumoured and most awaited device ever- the iPhone 5. But the iPhone 4S is in no way a give-a-rattle-to-the-crying-baby strategy. This amazingly anticipated device (although the anticipation was for iPhone 5) has some catchy features, with the Siri voice control feature initially stealing the show.

Our Say-

Once again thumbs up to Apple for its 4 million sales records in the very first week of the release. However the road was not all that smooth this time. iPhone 4S witnessed few complains with regard to the battery and the Siri feature had to suffer a few criticisms. The 4S is yet another impressive phone for us.

The Amazon Kindle Fire


Kindle fire

The very fact that the Amazon Kindle Fire was being sold by Amazon was a boom to its sale. Unlike the usual Android tablets, the Kindle is heavily customized by the Amazon. The $199 price tag was another mouth-watering offer that favoured the Android-powered tablet.

Our Say-

Although very little has come out on the sales reports of the Kindle Fire, it was definitely the most favoured Amazon product around. They were preferred for gifting purposes thanks to the price tag. They may not be the most perfect tablets around but were good enough to kindle the hearts of its fans.

Nintendo 3DS



Nintendo released its advanced eighth-generation gaming console Nintendo 3DS. Its 3D game effects without the use of 3D glasses and some additional features contributed to the product’s success. It supported DSi and Nintendo DS games.

Our Say-

The Nintendo is a fairly successful product especially in Japan where its sales records were amazing. The product had some hiccups when it was complained that the 3D system had some unhealthy effects on human body like headaches, arm pain etc. On the whole, the Nintendo had a very good go.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


the skyrim game

The game features a lot of missions, themes and game play choices and a lot of other options to choose from. In ‘The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrims’ everything else from the graphics to the animations (but not the faces), the weapons, the landscape, and the settings were all wonderfully designed.

Our Say-

With excellent sales records, (10 million copies by December 16th)the game became one of the fastest selling entertainment solutions till date. The Skyrim may not have reached the skies as yet but is definitely a big time hit.

MAC OS X ‘Lion’ 10.7



The newly released MAC OS X Lion 10.7 did not see any strong rivals(atleast in 2011) as Windows did not release its new operating system ‘Windows 8’ in the year. The new operating system offered a number of innovative features but was too pricey.

Our Say-

One-sixth of the MAC-running devices have downloaded the new OS within two months of its release. But the journey was not that smooth for Apple this time. There were several complaints with the OS and there was a general belief that it was a-change-too-far. Despite many bugs, the OS still managed to sell 6 million copies globally. Of course the lion roared but was not loud enough.

The Verizon iPhone and the White iPhone 4


White iphone 4

Apple has influenced the technology world so much that even the smallest of changes seemed to satisfy people. The White iPhone 4, released after the original iPhone 4, came out in two variants namely 1) a white iPhone and a CDMA-capable phone carrying the Verizon network. Though the phone is a look-alike of the previous model externally, there were several refreshing redesign works internally.

Our Say-

While many people would have thought that it was just a matter of color or small improvisations, both the models did very well in the market until the iPhone 4S was released in October. Both the iPhone the Verizon and the White, definitely showed their collective might.

The Loser’s List


As it has always been, a technological success is based on what the product or technology has offered or innovated. A technological failure is usually judged based on its comparison with other successful products or technology. However the 2011 has offered its share of flops as well.

Here are three of the top most losers of twenty-eleven.

Motorola Xoom


Motorola Xoom

The Motorola Xoom arrived with a big boom in the first quarter of 2011 and was considered to be the first brave rival to the iPad. The Android 3.1 Honeycomb Tablet was a muscled hardware but the software failed to do the talking.

Our Say-

The device was reported to have sold just 100,000 units in the first 50 days. It had to sacrifice its price tag as a result. The Xoom miserably failed to make its market zoom.

Blackberry Playbook


blackberry playbook

The Blackberry Playbook was also released challenging the iPad. The device was expected to please customers and companies that were already running the smartphone version of Blackberry. The Blackberry OS was designed to be compatible with apps developed by Adobe AIR. Though it was an impressive hardware, the software failed to click.

Our Say-

The release of the device did more evil than good with problems in pixels, overheating, etc. The Playbook did not really play big.

HP Touch Pad


HP touch pad

The HP Touch Pad was yet another tablet that threatened to challenge the iPad. With its solid specifications and strong physique, the Snapdragon dual-CPU tablet could not really live up to its promise.

Our Say-

The same fate continued with every iPad challenger. HP had to slash its price in the hope that their sales might improve. The HP Touch Pad announced that its product was completely stopped in the month of August. The Touch Pad hardly touched anyone’s heart.

As the saying goes on “The memories of the past year are the fertilizers for the future”. Hope this article would have enriched your technological memories of 2011.

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