A Wonder Called Steve: Innovations that Made the Man a Legend

We know the technology world is still mourning in the demise of mastermind in Personal computing Steve Jobs. Here is retrospection of his technological journey we would like to walk through, shortly explaining how and why Steve Job has changed the world we see and how we see the world.

1. Apple I (1976)

One of the first merchandises from Apple was an entry level computer, made for computer freaks and engineers. However, they where only made in small numbers. Another of the Apple co-founders Steve Wozniak designed this novel device. Steve Jobs coordinated the funding and handled the marketing plans for this device. These computers had a considerable influence on the micro computer revolutions of that era.

2. Apple II (1977)

Though the Apple I was a significant move, the upgraded Apple II made a revolution in the personal computer arena. Apple II was a key technological innovation with its ease of use, features and expandability over its contemporary range of computers. It was a mass-market product different from its predecessor who focused on amateurs and engineers. Later on, several upgrades followed this Steve Wozniak model, which has eventually stopped its production at 1993.

3. Lisa (1983)

This was a landmark innovation initiated by Steve Jobs, which failed to create a market impact. Jobs reportedly inspired this first graphical UI commercial computer after a visit to Xerox Corp.’s research center in Palo Alto. It is one of the first of kind to employ icons, windows and a cursor controlled by a mouse. It is considered as a foundation of current computer UIs. The expensive price tag of Lisa stopped it from becoming a commercial hit.

4. Macintosh (1984)

Macintosh, named after the sweetest apple variety, became a revolution in personal computing after the lackluster performance of Lisa. It has an improved GUI than the Apple’s Lisa, and was cheaper and faster. Steve jobs smart marketing campaign also did the job for its instant popularity. The consumers were quick to recognize the importance of graphical UI for design. This also publicized “desktop publishing,” able with the Mac integrated to a laser printer, which served as a unique sales driver of Macintosh.

5. NeXT computer (1989)

After the controversial exit from Apple Inc, Steve Jobs came back soon with establishing a brand building a powerful workstation computer. Although NeXt was not able to influence market quantitatively, it certainly did on a qualitative level. It also served as a key element for Jobs re-entry to Apple Inc. First web browser in the world was born in this one. Its software also serves as a basis for current Macintosh and iPhone operating system.

6. iMac (1998)

Jobs re-entry to the Apple was during its bad times. The brand was flopping in the sales and was diminishing in its market share. Steve’s visional leadership devised for a radical iMac which reversed the market slide in favor of Apple. The unique design of Apple’s bubble of blue plastic that enclosed both the monitor and the computer became a technological and market wonder. It caused a revolution, as more and more people gained awareness of the vantages of owning a home computer and having an internet connection.

7. iPod (2001)

This high-end technology was essentially the first notable one in the world of music sans a hard drive. It changed the future of music world and how we hear it. Apple succeeded in where others didn’t. This showed the consumer electronics world, why a ‘Steve jobs’ is significant. The iPod’s  success has eventually made way later to state-of-the-art iTunes music store and the iPhone.

8. iTunes store (2003)

Buying digital music was considered a hefty option when piracy was knocking at the doors. But iTunes has changed it all, at least a lion share of it in the US. This out-of-the-box idea from Apple Inc eased the process and brought together tracks from all the major labels. It was an important step against online music piracy. Within 5 years, this Apple initiative has advanced to become the largest music retailer in the U.S.

9. iPhone (2007)

Many of the current revolutions in smartphone market has its due to the iPhone. The iPhone has done what Macintosh did to Personal Computing two decades ago. Its smart use of touch-technology and wide range availability of Apps made this smartphones more desirable and easy to handle. Apple is currently most profitable maker of phones in world. We cannot neglect its influence in all the gen-next Smartphones available now.

10. iPad (2010)

Many still think Apple is the first company to manufacture and market a tablet model PC. However the fact states it is untrue.  Many companies prior to Apple have tried their luck with tablet computers. But as you know the iPad was the one to strike the bull’s eye. This milestone device in the history of computing was readily accepted by the world because of the extra-ordinary strives for innovation and unique sense of marketing by former CEO Steve Jobs.

The rest is history. And, only the legacy of Steve Jobs remaining, we look forward to what Tim Cook will be able to do.

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