Acer to Release New Laptops for Entertainment Junkies

acer laptopsAcer is back in the game again with the release of their new Aspire Ethos models, 8951G and 5951G. Designed for the hardcore entertainment junkie, these laptops have some pretty nice specs and are guaranteed to give you the ultimate entertainment experience.

Both models boast a high definition screen, with frameless edges for full-screen viewing. In addition, it carries 5.1 surround sound speakers, a Blu-ray writing drive, a backlit keyboard, not to mention Acer’s FastBoot technology, which allows its computer to start up a lot faster so you can get to your entertainment experience a lot faster. And let’s not forget the crisp graphics provided by a NVIDIA GeForce GT500 graphics card, and a second generation Intel Core processing system.

While this new Aspire Ethos model has some great specs, Acer doesn’t seem to be jumping at the chance to promote its most innovative technology on the computer: a removable touch pad. Where a touchpad normally rests on the computer is now a docking station for this mobile touch pad. When the touch pad is removed, it becomes a remote control for the computer. The remote appears to be media friendly (though we’ll have to wait for the laptop reviews to confirm that), as you can adjust the volume and track with just a tap on the remote. It also has similar technology to smartphones that allow the screen to be viewed horizontally or vertically. Speculation on the removable touch pad has suggested this could be used as a beneficial tool for professionals who do presentations, as there is no additional hardware to purchase. You can consider the 10.1 inch Samsung netbook when searching for slim and portable laptops as another choice.

While this computer costs a whopping $1634 a piece, you will definitely be getting your money’s worth of an entertainment experience. The Acer Aspire Ethos 8951G and 5951G models are due out sometime later this month.

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