All You Need to Know About Getting Started with Web Conferencing for your Business

Before, people are required to wake up early, prepare to go for work, and endure traffic that causes them to be late for their meeting or presentation.

Nowadays, people freshen up after waking up and simply turn on their CPUs to see people scheduled for their meeting on their screen. No need to drive your car, take a cab, or line up at bus terminals.

This particular innovation that allows people to deliver their presentations or conduct meetings with others from different locations is called web conferencing. Using web conferencing software, you can schedule meetings with the right people using a professional online meeting tool like the a fore mentioned ClickMeeting where you can use features that usher collaboration and productivity among the attendees along with mobile apps for meetings on the go and interactive desktop sharing options for richer presentations.

The internet has revolutionized how people conduct business together.

Why employ web conferencing?

At the onset, there are lots of benefits that web conferencing brings to businesses. Aside from the fact that it eliminates travel time, which in effect increases productivity and time spent on working instead, employees feel more connected with each other on a team as they collaborate and work on a project through a web conference. In fact, 87% of workers share this belief according to GAN Conference that produced compelling stats about web conferencing found here.

More importantly, web conferences make a profound impact in a business’ earnings. Through webinars, which are essentially web conferences that work as lead generation and management, as well as conversions, businesses get to engage their online audience and make a great impression by way of information dissemination through slideshow presentations. With the help of online meeting tools, webinars can initiate fruitful sessions with potential buyers through the different collaboration features such as live chat and private Q&A with people in the virtual room.

Adobe Connect breaks down the activity of webinar participants, from those actually attending the webinar down to the product demo that funnels them down to the buying cycle, in this page. It is an interesting piece of research that only proves the effectiveness of web conferencing as a business tool.

Why keeps you from doing web conferencing?

Despite these glaring benefits, why do only 55% of businesses use web conferences as part of their overall strategy according to Frost & Sullivan?

In this classic yet relevant piece published on Entrepreneur about video conferencing, the lack of use stems of the discomfort that people feel towards seeing themselves from a computer screen. Some of the people interviewed in the article shy away from this technology because of how conscious they become with their appearances and how it would translate through the video conference.

With regard to webinars,these can arguably be viewed as complicated to organize and implement especially for non-techies. Businesses may gravitate towards tried and tested ways to manage employees and sales processes instead of incorporating a brand new tactic into their workflow.

Which brings us to another point: web conferencing as part of your sales funnel is a relatively new development. Once businesses are set with their ways, it is difficult to get them to revamp their processes, even if it is beneficial to their business.

Demystifying web conferences: how to painlessly implement them to your business

The first order of business is choosing the right online meeting tool for you. There is a wealth of services that offer robust features for your web conference and webinar needs, so you need to look into each and figure out their respective pros and cons.

Aside from the aforementioned ClickMeeting, which can do both web conferences and webinars, Google Hangouts, a lighter product, is getting lots of attention for its easy-to-use interface and loads of options for launching effective meetings and conferences. If you’re interesting in giving this free tool a try, then the “The Ultimate Guide to Using Hangouts on Air for Webinars” at Smart Passive Income should ease you up from setting up Hangouts to running your own webinar without the hassles.

There are lots of resources online that runs down the steps on how to launch a webinar for first-timers. I suggest you begin with “How to Run Your First Webinar (with No Skills, No Stress and No Budget)” in which Mark Jaksch details the step-by-step process of not only initiating a webinar, but also increasing attendees to maximize your leads and potential clients. Supplement your learnings from this awesome resource with another yet equally awesome one: “14 Steps to Hosting a Successful Webinar” at Convince and Convert.

If you have had successful in running a web conference or a webinar for your business, then share your experience with us by commenting below!

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