Amazing Gadgets Gearing Up to Come to Your Midst

Aditya Divakaran

None of these highly awaited products has a firm release date, but they do keep us excited before their arrival. New technologies have always exhilarated the world, but far more exciting is the wait for its release. But it also turns out to be the toughest and hardest part. The electronic brands also have the habit of creating much hype about their products through this waiting game. They create more buzz and anticipation of the products by avoiding specifying the real configurations of their product. This is plainly a blatant marketing strategy. The trick is to let the masses know about the possible product and build up some discussion about the product, plus some other tips for boosting the anticipation.

One of the paradigms of this strategy can be seen at the Annual Consumer Electronics in January. There are many of the gadgets presented in the event claiming cool technologies ever. Companies let us be ‘seduced’ by the product — even letting us put our hands on the device.

But they stop short of declaring a solid date of release. It’s true that many brands let out some vague time frame for their probable release. There are many cases of the device being never released at all. We have no option but to wait.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, many brands have experienced this tactic rebound as well. At times the hype goes overboard so that it’s impossible for that device — whether it be a Smartphone, a camera or a tablet — to satisfy the huge expectations of the customers.

A recent example is the release of an iPad 2 in March. Since the Cupertino Company was conceitedly keeping mum on the device details, there was no rest for gossips flying around announcing and confirming several new features that never took a form. The anticipation was wounded when iPad 2 was released with only moderate upgrades. This has reportedly turned down many of the Apple tablet customers.

However, this has not changed the consumer psyche. They are still in confusion about taking a final verdict whether to keep their old gadget or go for the newest gizmo on the shelves. We bring to your notice what we consider as the 8 most forthcoming products worth waiting for.


Apple iPhone 5

We wanted to keep it for last because; it could be for many reasons the most anticipated product in this year tech product line-up. Almost everyone is nervous to find out the anatomy of next iPhone edition. Despite all the rummaging through the reports around the web about the iPhone 5 specifications and news, we are still squat on awareness about this Apple product. We can expect some basic remodeling in the body engaged with an  edge-to-edge Retina display, removal of the home button, improved cameras and enhanced LED flash, NFC mobile-payment technology, 4G support, and of course wider carrier availability.

We can for the time being confirm the release of iPhone5 as Apple has unveiled iOS 5 back in June. But we are clueless about what it will be or when it will be.

Likely Release Date: August-September

Next-Gen Apple iPod

Honestly speaking, we have no information about the device. Also rumors are swirling that Apple is planning to release an iPod touch. Despite that, many claims about the iPod specs are written over the cyber world that may feature in the future’s market-dominating MP3 player line. What we have is a wish list that is likely to come true that includes the termination of the iPod classic and also the iPod shuffle, 3G for the iPod touch, a return to the iconic iPod tweaked to a larger screen and a video camera. We will not be surprised to observe release of a 128GB touch with a reasonable price. We believe we are not going overboard expecting a wireless sync for all iPods.

Likely Release Date: September


Nintendo Wii U

We would never mind waiting for even a longer period to end with this foremost High-end home game system from the house of Nintendo since 2006. Interestingly, ‘Wii U’ was also debuted along with Sony PS Vita at E3 in January. With the new system, Wii ultimately adds to it a high-definition graphics so it can gain market space in the midst of big names in consoles. The USP of the game system will be the novel 6-inch touch screen controller, that either can be used independently or as a second display to complement the game that runs on your HDTV. Wii U comes along with two analog sticks, a directional pad, four face buttons, two shoulder buttons, two triggers, and a front-facing camera. Plus this console also features the identical motion control abilities as the existing Wii controller.

Likely Release Date: 2012

Motorola Droid Bionic 4G

We had seen one of this high-end tablet, Bionic prototype, earlier in January at CES. Also Motorola let the participant handle this product to feel its sophistication. This big beautiful quality Slab runs typically on an Android and is featuring a super-sharp 960-by-540-pixel 4.3-inch touch screen. Boasted to be prime product sporting a dual-core processor along with the Verizon’s LTE 4G, the Bionic in no time has pushed up to be one of the most expected phones of 2011. It was planned to release on the Q2 but was delayed due to unspecified reasons. Manufacturers are still vague about the release date. In between, there were rumors flying in the cyber world hinting about Motorola planning to kill the device. But these rumors are slashed out when the Motorola CEO, Sanjay Jha, stated this week that the gadget is aimed for September release. Withal, Verizon’s home page, adverts to expect the Bionic by this summer. We are still hopeful; September is still part of summer. We are excited with anticipation with each of the warm days slipping through.

Likey Release Date: This Summer

Sony PlayStation Vita

Back in June, we saw Sony flaunting a newest next-gen portable game console which was officially christened ‘Vita’ at the E3 gaming conference. We may not find, at a glance, much new addition to this gaming widget than the PSP. But Play station Vita is equipped with many new features that include an OLED touch screen, dual analog sticks, back-mounted touch panels, and front- and back-facing cameras.

The Wi-Fi-Only version of the device will go for a plausible asking price of  $249, that would step it to direct race with the likewise priced Nintendo 3DS. But With Nintendo’s handheld is listed for an $80 price drop to $170 next month; Sony would have some fierce competition in store. Sony is labeling $299 for an AT&T 3G version of the Vita. But Sony still has no firm dates and it is unlikely for the phone to release this year.

Likely Release Date: December 31st 2011

Mango Phones

One of the most hyped OS, for the time-being code-named Mango, is all set to create revolution in the tech world. Coming from the family of the most successful OS makers, Microsoft’s latest Mobile phone OS is promising to deliver more than whooping 500 features for the new and existing windows Phone 7 smart phones.

MS hopes to match up with the market likes of Android and iPhones with the earnest support from phone manufacturers. Reports point that the developers’ build of the Mango was successfully tested and certified to straighten out many bumps found on the first OS run.

It characterizes discerning social features, flexible customization options, and overall fluid feel. Mango was debuted inJapanearlier this week. Mango is likely to reach theUSshores soon, as the competitors’ — iOS and Blackberry OS 7— slated releases are also quite near. Also MS might be cautioned about the Google’s Android Gingerbread lodged to a wide range of phones.

Likely Release Date: This Fall

Pentax Q


Pentax Q boasts to be the smallest interchangeable-lens camera to be declared till date. The impending Pentax Q’s magnesium alloy body is just only a fraction of the size of the smallest mirrorless cameras includingOlympus’ latest PEN E-P3, and, the Sony Alpha NEX-3.

Pentax Q claims very small dimensions (3.9 by 2.3 by 1.2), its 1/2.3″ sensor is very small compared to the likes of both Micro Four Thirds and NEX cameras, which also means that there are less chances for the pictures to compete with digital SLRs.  Even still, the Q is likely to capture the shutterbug’s likes with its opulent physical controls, 460,000-dot, 3-inch LCD, 1080p30 video recording capability, and capability to switch out lenses.

Likely Release Date: September


Amazon Tablet

Rumors were flooding in the web for quite long about the online market giant’s plan to release a tablet gaining inspiration from the success and popularity of the Kindle eBook reader developed by the company.

Reports speculate a ‘fall release’ of a pair of color, touch-screen Android tablets (7 and 10 inches) from the inventors of the wildly accepted Kindle eBook reader.

Any specifications about the device are still vague. Though Amazon has not confirmed the tablets, interestingly, in an interview with Consumer Reports, CEO Jeff Bezos didn’t refute the rumors either. With Amazon opening up an Android Appstore along with providing cloud-based music service that works with Android devices, we could definitely smell something cooking. And if Amazon has a tablet under wraps (hopefully yes) we wish it to be a product that stands out from the current generation Android replicas and give a true competition to theCupertino’s.

Likely Release Date: October

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