Amazing Mehndi Designs That Can Cast a Spell on You

Mehndi on the bride’s hands is a custom being followed for ages.  Applying Mehndi is considered good omen and that the act would bring blessings of the gods. The tradition of mehndi is mainly connected to festivals or celebrations like wedding day, EID or other happy occasions. Mehndi is most popular in Asia and Africa too.

Among Muslims, the day before marriage is celebrated as mehndi day. Apart from the traditional red-brown color, different colors like dark brown, red and blue are now available in the market. You can also have different layouts like multi-color beads or you can simply fill the gap of mehndi pattern with different colors and shades. Today, henna tattoo has become a fad like never before. Women, young and old, are ready to spend huge money to get these designs on their palms. Do check out some of the stylish designs before applying mehndi next time. We are sure you will love them all.


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