Amazon Cuts Kindle 2 Price by $60 (July 8, 2009) — Online retailer has cut the price of its 6-inch Kindle e-book reader, formerly known as the Kindle 2, to $299. That’s $60 off of the price tag, and also $50 cheaper than its competitor of Sony’s the PRS-700.

kindleThe move is the first price drop on any Kindle since the original was reduced to $359 and puts a larger gap between this and the larger Kindle DX, which still sits at its original $489 price.

For E-Readers $300 looks to be the ‘magic number’. When a device like the Kindle 2 costs more than some netbooks, customers are going to be less likely to buy it. It may be most of the next-generation E-Readers will be introduced at or under $300.

A price war between competing models certainly could widen the adoption of e-readers. Several other new e-reader devices are also expected in the coming months.

The Kindle 2 is Amazon’s smallest e-book reader and is thinner than most music players at 0.36 inches deep. To date, it lacks the native PDF reading added to the DX but continues to draw on free 3G access from Sprint for downloading books, and using an experimental web browser.

Its most distinctive feature is a text-to-speech feature that, when allowed by publishers, reads books aloud without needing any formatting in advance.

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