Amazon to launch physical store in UK (Dec. 07, 2009) — With Best Buy opening and launching its physical stores in the UK shortly, could the Amazon online giant get set to open up a store too; is it setting up a walk-in store too? All this can sound pretty foolish to us, taking into consideration it’s doing so well by now without the enormous overheads a central London store would bring.


amazonThe Sunday Times has reported that Amazon’s at present looking for “bricks-and-mortar stores” to open up in, optimistically adding to its $59.1 billion value. Somewhere clients are able to get their hands on a Kindle, or possibly pick up a TV they pre-bought on the website makes common sense, but why change a appealing formula so late in the game? And why in the UK? [The Sunday Times]


Amazon has refuted claims it’s occasion a high street store in the UK, stating “We have no plans to unbolt physical stores anywhere in the world.”

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