Nixon Releases First Solar Watch That Harnesses Light in any Form (Aug 1, 2009) — There have been a few solar powered watches but Nixon recently launched its first. Nixon has released ‘Volta’ the first rechargeable solar powered watch.

solar-watchThis solar powered watch sports a semi-transparent dial that allows sunlight through to the solar panel below which charges the watch’s battery. The solar panel is built across the watch’s burly 41-47mm face making sure there’s plenty of surface area to catch the sun’s rays.

If you are stuck in an office or if you stay indoors most of the time, the watch still works. In fact, any light source is enough to charge this watch, even the florescent lights in your office will suffice.

The watch is available in a custom molded polyurethane band with locking looper or a double stitched Italian leather band option.

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