Apple Rejects iPhone e-book Reader App Over Access to Kama Sutra (May 22, 2009) — Apple rejected yet another iPhone app the e-book reader Eucalyptus, from its App Store because of the app’s ability to search for and download the Kama Sutra, a text-only version of the ancient Indian book on sexuality.

apple_rejectsHowever, you can find the Kama Sutra in the iPhone App Store through other methods. Eucalyptus’ developer Jamie Montgomerie argues that users could find the Kama Sutra through Safari and Google on the iPhone. The Google search results potentially contain material much more offensive than the e-book.

The Kama Sutra can also be found using other e-book readers available on the App Store.

Now Eucalyptus does not come with the Kama Sutra installed by default, or it doesn’t come with any books installed. For this you have to search for and download the books yourself.

For now, Eucalyptus will not be available in the App Store, unless the developer specifically bans the Kama Sutra from the app.

Apple will add parental controls, potentially opening the door for adult-oriented content.

One thought on “Apple Rejects iPhone e-book Reader App Over Access to Kama Sutra

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  • December 13, 2009 at 9:17 pm

    With the shape and feel of a super sized iPod the kindle just has this “feel good” about it. Just received mine today (in Denmark) and everything appears to work smoothly. Received my New York Times and bought a book. Switching between reading and reading aloud is just two clicks. Can’t wait for “reading” my new book or the Times on my way to work in the car tomorrow. Inline access (in all documents) to the build-in oxford dictionary is a great feature as is the ability to annotate.

    So far I’ve only experienced a few minor issues – nothing that will prevent me from giving 5/5 stars:

    * The screen updates tend to be a bit slow (although the screen in general is very impressive!)

    * The book I bought was clearly scanned/auto-converted and not fully (manually) preparred for the kindle. Some spaces, line breaks, periods/commas are missing from the text. Not crucial – just a bit annoying (especially when using the ‘read aloud’ feature. Amazon should improve the QA a bit.

    * No images in news papers/magazines (guess that’s to save bandwidth -> lower cost. Ok)

    * Currently there appears to be no general browsing support in DK (guess that’s also a matter of bandwidth cost) – only access to wiki. Acceptable

    The ease of buying books is very likely to increase my books budget – but at least it’s green :). No more bad feelings about having books shipped by planes and trucks!

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