Apple ‘to build its Computer Chips’ (May 1, 2009) —The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday, that Apple has developed the capability to design its own computer chips and is hiring new employees to create multifunction chips that are used in cellphones.

apple-chipIt said Apple could use the internally developed chips to reduce the power consumption of its iPhone and iPod touch devices, and possibly add graphics circuitry to play realistic game software and high-definition videos.

Bob Drebin, former chief technology office of the graphics group at Advanced Micro Devices, and Raja Koduri, who held the same position, were both hired by Apple according to an Apple spokesman.

Apple’s plans don’t expect internally designed chips to emerge until next year at the earliest, the report said.

Apple’s strategy runs counter to the trend among most big electronics companies to outsource the development of chips and other components to external suppliers.

The Journal reported that Apple has been hiring engineers to create multifunction chips that could be used in cell phones.

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