Arch Rock Enlists Sensors for Energy Efficiency (Apr. 14, 2009) — Arch Rock Corporation that builds innovative products and technology for wireless sensor thinks it has found an application to measure energy used in commercial buildings.

arch-rock-sensor-energyThe company introduced Energy Optimizer, a product line that combines its IP-based sensors with server software to collect and analyze energy data. The sensors can be attached to different circuits in a data center to measure electricity consumption over time.

The installation of sensor doesn’t require laying new wires into a building, because they have radios to transmit information, Arch Rock CEO Roland Acra said.

It will allow businesses to shave their energy bills by 10 percent to 20 percent, Acra said.

The cost is $800 for three measurements, and back-end equipment starts at $10,000. The investment makes sense, if an institution has utility bills over $10,000 a year, as it pays for itself in a few years, Acra said.

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