Archos 2 Vision 8GB MP3 Player (Aug. 9, 2009) — The new ARCHOS 2 vision is an affordable credit card sized device with a unique touch area for scrolling with just a flick of a finger. It is available at £59.99.

archos-2-vision-mp3-rm-engJust under the 2-inch, 220 x 176 resolution display is a tactile slider for menu navigation and volume control. The tactile slider lets you browse through lists and control the sound volume just by caressing the device. No need to keep pressing the buttons endlessly to reach the end of your music library. Just flick the slider with your finger in order to easily navigate through your files.

The credit card-sized player also sports a FM tuner. Now you easily set up any of the 30 preset stations, manually or automatically, to have it match your personal radio habits. It has also recorder, a microSD slot in addition to internal memory, and support for MP3 / WMA audio and AVI video.

The ARCHOS 2 vision features up to 16GB of disk capacity to store more than 8,000 songs. In addition it has a Micro-SD card slot to add more music or files.

It’s really easy to organize your music with the library options. You can choose your music by artist, album or title. With the lyrics display capacity, you will rediscover the songs available on your player.
Since the ARCHOS 2 vision plays the most popular music formats (MP3, WMA and WAV).

The ARCHOS 2 vision is equipped with a built-in microphone to let you record anything you want, instantly. From a phone number you can’t write down, to a class lecture, or even what is playing on the radio, you can record it all.

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