Are you ready to give up your online privacy to Google for $25?

Google has set up a device for the purpose is nothing less than to record every move of users with their consent. Called Screenwise Panel, the device comes in two forms, a module to be installed in their web browser Google Chrome and your visited sites recorded the way you interact with these sites.

And since nothing is free, Google will pay volunteer users a $5 discount code at Amazon for registration and then $5 per quarter for one year for an annual total of $25!

And if you feel the urge to use another browser for your activities could not be more personal, know that Google has partnered with the survey company Knowledge Networks to offer users a Cisco router to install at home that will analyze any traffic through your Internet connection, whether your smartphone, your PC and any other device connecting to it, hope that users who opt for this option shall inform their visitors…

So the router will record any Internet traffic, including those tabs currently open (naturally), but also sessions in private browsing mode, Incognito, which has the name of private in this case.

Google says that the data are anonymous, but we expect that mere duplication will be needed to identify users and their data; the chances of success of this overlap will be more effective if the number of users of this system is low.

Techcrunh reports that some customers of Knowledge Networks-were offered outside the framework of the agreement with Google, to be among the first 2,500 homes of the study, which would bring them $100 immediately and $20 per month.

Little information has leaked on the resale or not the data collected by screenwise, the system is currently reserved only for American households, it is highly unlikely that Google launched this service outside US.

One thought on “Are you ready to give up your online privacy to Google for $25?

  • February 15, 2012 at 9:39 pm

    It’s a little creepy but it is opt-in. They may pay you, but it is opt-in. I tend to be very pro-Google but it seems like this service will benefit both parties and Google is not forcing anyone to participate. And frankly, I could see this having the potential to improve Google products because they will be able to see better how we use them.

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