Art on a 3D Canvas

Installation art is a genre in which three-dimensional works are presented to alter the perception of a space. Usually it installed in the interior spaces.

Telephone Booth

Infamous British guerilla artist Banksy puts an axe through this telephone booth to depict the decline of the famous London Telephone Booths

Real Life Transformer

In one of the famous works of French artist Guillaume Reymond named “TRANSFORMERS”, he arranges different types of vehicles in a peculiar way that it resembles like a gigantic robot.

Tunnel House

Houstonartists Dan Havel and Dean Ruck created an art installation known as ‘Inversion.’ They created a huge funnel-like whirlpool which ends in a small hole near the courtyard. They created it by using wooden panels.

Melting Men

Brazilian artist Nele Azevedo carved hundreds of sitting figures out of ice.

Prayer booth

Kansas City-based artist Dylan Mortimer created this installation called “Public Prayer Booth” which is a combination of telephone booth and a prayer place.

Drink art

Great artist Hannes Broecker created this installation called “interactive art” for the museum goers where they are can pick up a glass and try a drink of a variety of cocktails in the container.

Chair wall

Colombian sculptor Doris Salcedo created this fabulous installation for the International Istanbul Biennale in 2003. She placed around 1,550 chairs on an empty place between two buildings.

Giant Nest

On an installation called “the Great Swallow” Belgian artist Benjamin Verdonck created an amazing nest on the Rotterdam Weena Tower.


Nature lover artist Patrick Dougherty builds fabulous structures and building from natural materials like saplings, branches, and twigs. This one is called the Na Hale ‘o waiai, Hawaiian for “Wild dwellings built from strawberry guava.”

Traffic Panels

The renowned artist Markus Lerner fromOsram,Germanycreated an art installation in Munichin which interactive panels respond to the flow of the passing traffic.

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